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    How are you at Quidditch?

    • Are you kidding! I love Quidditch! In fact, I play on my house team.
    • Oh sure, I love Quidditch. A lot of brothers have played on their house team and I hope I get to play on my house team too.
    • Quidditch is a very exciting game. In fact, one of my best friends plays on my house team. He always saves the game!
    • Well, I enjoy watching Quidditch and cheering for my team. You see I have this totally awesome hat that I wore to a game once!
    • Well I guess it’s alright but I’d much rather look at the cute boys chasing after quaffles, catching snitches, and beating bludgers. Hehe.
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    Are you a good student?

    • Oh yes. I’m an excellent student. I’m usually found at the library and I always know the answer!
    • I’m alright but I’d much rather be reading the latest witch magazine than learning magic.
    • Well, I’m an okay student. Well, a much better student than my brothers!
    • Yes. In fact, I’m in Ravenclaw so I’m pretty smart. But some people see me as kind of weird. I wonder why?
    • I guess so, I mean I’m in Ravenclaw.
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    Who’s your romantic interest?

    • A cute, popular, heroic boy asked me to the Yule Ball once.
    • Well, I don’t really have my eye on anyone yet.
    • Well actually, a famous Quidditch player asked me to the Yule Ball once.
    • I had a crush on my brother’s best friend once who ended up saving my life.
    • My old boyfriend died two years ago, but I sort of have another interest but things didn’t work out between us.
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    Who are your friends?

    • I’m very popular, everyone pretty much hangs out with me.
    • No one really hangs around me much except some Gryffindors sometimes. Everyone thinks I’m weird.
    • I hang out with another girl in my house. We’re always giggling and gossiping.
    • I basically hang around my brother and his friends and a couple other people here and there.
    • A hang around a boy who’s always saving the day and another boy who’s a kind of a goofball.
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    Who’s your favorite teacher?

    • Professor Trelawney. She’s my idol, a real seer.
    • Don’t really have one.
    • Professor McGonagall. She’s strict but fair and a good teacher.
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    Do you get in trouble a lot?

    • Well, I TRY not to. But my two best friends are always dragging me into trouble with them. UGH!
    • Not really.
    • I only get in trouble for giggling and looking at magazines during class.
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    What do other students see you as?

    • Probably as a know-it-all kind of bossy muggle born.
    • They kind of think I’m a weird girl.
    • As a popular, beautiful, Quidditch player.
    • A cute, perky girl.
    • Another Weasley.
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    What do you think of Hagrid?

    • He always thinks some of the most dangerous animals are the perfect topic for his next class. I’m frightened!
    • Hagrid’s pretty cool if you get to know him.
    • Well, he’s interesting alright.
    • Hagrid? Well…he’s BIG!
    • Hagrid is one of my friends. I don’t really approve of some of his teaching methods but that’s Hagrid.
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    What does your hair look like?

    • Kind of long, red hair.
    • I have long, curly, blondish hair.
    • I have long, beautiful, black hair.
    • I have medium length bushy, brown hair.
    • None of these
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    What are you best known for?

    • My brains.
    • My brothers.
    • Quidditch.
    • Um…I don’t know.
    • My weirdness.

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