What Hogwarts House Would You Ultimately Be Sorted Into?

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    Your house is on fire. You can only save one thing. What is it?

    • A Family Heirloom
    • A Book
    • A Musical Instrument
    • A Pet
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    How do you prepare for a difficult exam?

    • I go to the library.
    • I form a study group.
    • I wing it. I have more important things to worry about.
    • I study alone.
    • I already know everything.
    • I procrastinate until the last minute and then pull an all-nighter.
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    Pick a pastime:

    • Chilling at a bar
    • Music
    • Partying
    • Camping
    • Sports
    • Reading
    • Shopping
    • Daydreaming
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    DEATH wishes to bestow upon you a great gift. Which of the following will you choose?

    • A Wand More Powerful Than Any Other
    • A Cloak of Invisibility
    • A Stone That Can Bring Back The Dead
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    Which task is the most challenging?

    • Rescuing Friends Deep in the Black Lake
    • Battling Dragons
    • The Maze
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    You reach a fork in the road. To the right it continues over flat ground, but it’s rocky and unkempt. To the left it’s in better shape, but heads up a very steep incline. Which do you choose?

    • Left
    • Right
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    What frightens you the most? (Be honest!)

    • Needles
    • Public Speaking
    • The Dark
    • Poisonous Animals
    • Falling
    • Storms
    • Failure
    • Enclosed Spaces
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    Which painting appeals to you the most?

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    You are making a PowerPoint presentation for a class project. You…

    • Take charge, organize everyone, and end up doing almost everything.
    • Do as little as you can. Ah, the perks of group projects.
    • Do a little of everything.
    • Do most of the research and writing, but let other people make it flashy.
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    Do you cheat in class?

    • Absolutely not!
    • You try not to, but sometimes it’s the only way to stay afloat.
    • Yes, a fair amount. Everybody does it…
    • If you count sharing answers and helping friends who are struggling.
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    When you die, you hope to…

    • Be wealthy enough to provide for many generations of your family.
    • Have achieved success and traveled the world.
    • Be surrounded by lifelong friends.
    • Have learned everything there is to know.
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    You see a group of bullies picking on a nerd. You…

    • Go up to the bullies and yell in their faces.
    • Find the nerd afterwards and reach out to him.
    • Sympathize with the nerd but walk on by.
    • Think it’s a little funny.
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    Which of these entertainment professions most appeals to you?

    • Agent.
    • Screenwriter.
    • Major movie star.
    • Entertainment lawyer.
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    How do you flirt with someone you like?

    • You don’t; you’ll tell someone straight-up if you like them.
    • Try to have a real, deep conversation.
    • You make witty jokes and smile coyly to charm the pants off them.
    • You deliver a great, cheesy pick-up or wink at them.
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    In high school, your favorite extracurricular was…

    • Student government.
    • A sports team.
    • A student club.
    • A debate or academic team.

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