What % Husband Material Is He?

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    Can he be the only sober person at the party?

    • Of course!
    • Sure, sometimes.
    • Yes but he isn’t usually.
    • No
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    Have you ever seen him call out another man for boorish or sexist behavior?

    • Yes, many times – and he’s viscerally angry in those moments.
    • Once, yes. It was hot.
    • I’ve seen him mutter about it.
    • No, he just joins in.
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    Does he believe women should serve men?

    • No, he thinks that is insane.
    • No, but he has a little baggage of that sort.
    • He says not, but every so often an attitude slips through.
    • Yes, it’s so manly.
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    Does he care about your dreams and goals?

    • Yes, more than his own
    • Yes, as much as his own
    • Yes
    • Not if they don’t meet with his approval
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    Can he cook?

    • Of course, quite well actually
    • He can bang out a couple fancy options and some ordinary ones.
    • He can make basics.
    • No
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    Can he sew on a button?

    • Yes, he can mend most things in the house.
    • Yes, but it won’t stay.
    • He can ask me really nicely to do it.
    • No
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    Would you trust him to do your laundry without ruining your stuff?

    • He has done, often. It was fine.
    • Sure, why not?
    • I’d be nervous but OK.
    • No, my bras would come back like tote bags.
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    Does he get hung up on who earns more?

    • He couldn’t care less as long as we get by.
    • He used to.
    • He tries not to because he knows it is silly.
    • Yes, it is important to him that he does.
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    Is he comfortable with his body?

    • Yes
    • Mostly
    • He’s a little insecure.
    • He needs so much reassurance.
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    Does he know what works for you in bed?

    • When he doesn’t, he asks.
    • Mostly yes
    • Somewhat
    • He has no idea.
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    What does he read for pleasure?

    • Fiction, nonfiction, and legacy newspapers
    • Fiction and sports news
    • Twitter and Longreads
    • Sports news and Reddit
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    Can he form a cogent argument?

    • Yes, he is a good and honest debater.
    • Mostly, but he does sometimes fall into fallacies.
    • Yes, but he can be a little mansplainy.
    • No, he constantly strawmans everyone.
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    Has he ever changed his mind about something?

    • Yes, but only after really thinking about it.
    • Quite often, yes
    • Yes, constantly
    • No, he never changes his mind.
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    How often does he apologize?

    • Whenever it’s warranted, plus a little more just in case
    • Whenever people need to hear it
    • Whenever he thinks he screwed up
    • If he ever does, I’ll let you know!
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    How are his manners?

    • Exquisite
    • Pretty good
    • Average
    • Bad

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