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    Which of these groups of adjectives best describes you?

    • Calm, friendly, easygoing
    • Rebellious, outgoing, energetic
    • Sweet, sensitive, fearful
    • Social, caring, childish
    • Quiet, shy, thoughtful
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    Which of these color groups do you most like wearing?

    • Neon; bright colors
    • Blue/red/green
    • White; light colors
    • It depends on my mood and the weather
    • Gray/brown/black
  • Question of

    Which of these would be the worst job for you?

    • Teacher/Event planner
    • Forest ranger/Truck driver
    • Embalmer/Sewer diver
    • Miner/Astronaut
    • Graveyard shift/Zoo Night Patrol
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    Which of these are you most afraid of?

    • Going to jail
    • People suddenly scaring me
    • None of these
    • Everyone ignoring me
    • Performing in front of a large group
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    Which time of day do you like most?

    • As soon as the stars come out, I like to watch them, alone
    • Morning! There’s nothing better than going outside and running then
    • Noon! When the sun is highest in the sky
    • Evening, when everyone is at home
    • Every part has something to offer
  • Question of

    Which seems like the best thing to do before falling asleep? Choose the one you already do the most, or would be most likely to do.

    • I usually fall asleep quickly without any help
    • Cling to my stuffed animal or to the person closest to me
    • Have music/background noise or a light on
    • Keep my window/door open
    • Put on an eye mask and ear plugs
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    Are you excited to go places alone?

    • Yeah, I want to be alone
    • No way – I really hate that
    • Yes, I like to travel a lot, but it’s better to go with others than alone
    • During the day only. I’m not much of a night owl
    • I don’t know/It doesn’t matter
  • Question of

    Do you like to venture into the woods?

    • Yeah, I like being outdoors and camping
    • Only with family or friends
    • No – what if something/someone grabbed me?
    • Yes, it’s a great place to think and to take my mind off things
    • Umm, I guess it can be fun, as long as I can find my way out again
  • Question of

    Which of these kinds of house would you most like to live in?

    • One that’s close to my family and friends
    • One that’s far from the city – a farm would be good
    • Anywhere I can just relax and enjoy life would be fine
    • One with large rooms and a back yard
    • One with large windows, or that’s made of glass
  • Question of

    Which of these is closest to your plans for the future?

    • Having some kids and a loving family
    • I want to live where it’s always summer – long days and short nights
    • Anything that doesn’t mean living in a basement
    • Living on my own and having nothing to do with anybody
    • I don’t know for sure, but I’d like to be the center of attention, whatever I do

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