What Is Your True Talent?


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  • Question of

    Do you like to stretch? Are you flexible?

    • I always stretch and am really flexible
    • No, I never stretch
    • I am not that flexible and don’t really ever stretch
    • Please just show me the result
    • Yeah, I do stretches and have normal flexibility
  • Question of

    Which part of your body do you like the most?

    • My face
    • My abs
    • My feet
    • Anything/Nothing
    • My hands
  • Question of

    Do you think you have a talent?

    • Nope!
    • I’m not really sure – please tell me
    • Yes
  • Question of

    What’s your favourite colour? (Sorry, it’s important!)

    • Red, blue, or black
    • White? Green? Orange? I don’t know for sure
    • It depends on my mood
    • I love them all!
    • Pink! I prefer pale colours, generally
  • Question of

    Your favourite song is on! What do you do?

    • Sing it loudly…even though I probably sound so horrible!
    • I take a paper and start drawing
    • I just listen to it
    • Sing! What else can you do when hearing your favorite song?
    • Dance! Maybe even create some new moves!
  • Question of

    What music do you prefer?

    • Anything without lyrics
    • All kinds, but especially pop!
    • Mostly classical
    • I can listen to anything
    • I don’t get into music
  • Question of

    YouTube time! What do you watch?

    • Whatever strikes me as good at the time
    • I like to explore new music and do karaokes
    • Sports!
    • Plays and dramas
    • Girly things like makeup tutorials, dance videos and such
  • Question of

    Clothes? What do you usually wear?

    • I’m always in fashion!
    • Anything comfortable
    • I can wear whatever…from high fashion to baggy jeans and huge shirts
    • Sports clothes
    • Something normal/ordinary
  • Question of

    How would you describe yourself? Pick the closest.

    • Fun and funny
    • Outgoing and loud
    • Active
    • Quiet and sweet
    • Imaginative
  • Question of


    • Other (pick this one if you don’t want to state it)
    • Chubby/Fat
    • Normal/Average
    • Fit/Muscular
    • Skinny/Really skinny

Answer to these situations and we will reveal your true personality!

What is your hidden talent?