What Is Your Dominant Personality Trait?



For those of you who don’t realize where this quiz has taken its inspiration I would like to point out that it is from the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). MBTI basically says that there are 16 different personality types and each of those types has a dominant personality trait. While different personality tests will have different traits but the MBTI has four such traits.

The four traits are:

  • Where you focus your attention – Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I)
  • The way you take in information – Sensing (S) or Intuition (N)
  • How you make decisions – Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)
  • How you deal with the world – Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

This might seem confusing to you at first glance and you might misinterpret them so let me clear it for you.

The first trait is pretty simple. It basically defines whether you are an extrovert or an introvert. Each of the types is more inclined to either extraversion or introversion. Though I would also like to point out that you should treat each of the traits as a spectrum. No person is completely extroverted or completely introverted. Such people only exist in the asylum. It is also true for all the other MBTI traits. In fact, it is true for any other psychology trait.

The second one is pretty interesting. It tells you whether a person treats value the sensory information more or his/her own intuition. It is said that more creative or intelligent people tend to be intuitive.

The third trait basically tells you how you make your decisions. Are you more logical and make decisions from the rational side of things? Then you are more than likely to be of thinking type. If you take the more human side of things into consideration and value your emotions and the rights of others then you tend to be more of a feeler than a thinker.

The fourth trait is the most interpreted ones. Judging here means the one who values coming to conclusions quickly. The Perceiving ones are on the opposite side of the spectrum. They tend to look into many perspectives before coming to a conclusion.

I hope you found this information useful. Have a good day.

“I feel too much. That’s what’s going on.’ ‘Do you think one can feel too much? Or just feel in the wrong ways?’ ‘My insides don’t match up with my outsides.’ ‘Do anyone’s insides and outsides match up?’ ‘I don’t know. I’m only me.’ ‘Maybe that’s what a person’s personality is: the difference between the inside and outside.’ ‘But it’s worse for me.’ ‘I wonder if everyone thinks it’s worse for him.’ ‘Probably. But it really is worse for me.”
― Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.”

“I used to think that finding the right one was about the man having a list of certain qualities. If he has them, we’d be compatible and happy. Sort of a checkmark system that was a complete failure. But I found out that a healthy relationship isn’t so much about sense of humor or intelligence or attractive. It’s about avoiding partners with harmful traits and personality types. And then it’s about being with a good person. A good person on his own, and a good person with you. Where the space between you feels uncomplicated and happy. A good relationship is where things just work. They work because, whatever the list of qualities, whatever the reason, you happen to be really, really good together.”
― Deb Caletti, The Secret Life of Prince Charming

“We do not get to choose how we start out in life. We do not get to choose the day we are born or the family we are born into, what we are named at birth, what country we are born in, and we do not get to choose our ancestry. All these things are predetermined by a higher power. By the time you are old enough to start making decisions for yourself, a lot of things in your life are already in place. It’s important, therefore, that you focus on the future, the only thing that you can change.”
― Idowu Koyenikan, Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    How old are you?

    • Younger than 25 years old
    • 25-35 years old
    • 36-45 years old
    • 46-55 years old
    • Older than 55 years old
  • Question of

    What’s your gender?

    • Male
    • Female
    • It’s a bit more complicated than that!
  • Question of

    Land, sea, or sky?

    • Land
    • Sea
    • Sky
  • Question of

    Which of the following is most important to you?

    • Love
    • Peace
    • Happiness
  • Question of

    Pick a pattern!

    • Polka Dots
    • Stripes
    • Plaid
  • Question of

    What type of outfit are you most comfortable wearing?

    • Cockatil/Evening Wear
    • Business Attire
    • Sportswear
    • Pajamas
  • Question of

    Which of the following is your favorite breakfast dish?

    • Pancakes
    • Bacon & Eggs
    • Steak & Eggs
    • Cereal
    • Toast & Croissants
  • Question of

    Which of the following music genres do you like the most?

    • Reggae
    • Hip Hop
    • Country
    • Jazz
  • Question of

    Which of the following words best describes your closest friend?

    • Funny
    • Calm
    • Happy
    • Hard-Working
    • Caring
    • Responsible
  • Question of

    What’s your spirit animal?

    • Chimpanzee
    • Dolphin
    • Lion
    • Dog
    • Swan
  • Question of

    What bothers you?

    • Not being able to help people.
    • I don’t let things bother me.
    • People that give up
    • People that take things too seriously.
  • Question of

    Which politician has a personality most like you?

    • Bernie Sanders
    • Barack Obama.
    • Donald Trump.
    • Gary Johnson.
  • Question of

    What is one thing that your friends think about you?

    • I am always there for them.
    • I am always have a smile on your face.
    • I am an inspiration to them.
    • I am fun to hang out with.
  • Question of

    What did you like about school?

    • Learning about people and cultures.
    • Everything.
    • Being able to push myself.
    • Nothing.
  • Question of

    What do you do if you heard one of your friends has been telling lies about you?

    • I would get really upset.
    • I would not believe it was true.
    • I would confront him.
    • Nothing. Who cares?

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