What is your dream guy type? *smirk*

  • Question of

    Choose a combination!

    • Happy, bright, caring
    • Exciting, new, spontaneous
    • Happy, kind, innocent
    • Weird, sleazy, rude
    • Polite, sincere, a true gentleman
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    Your favourite sport:

    • Sport? Who has time for that?
    • AFL…there’s actually a lot of strategy involved!
    • Basketball
    • Swimming…(the pool…)
    • Tennis…looks fun!
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    Favourite music artist/s:

    • Franz Ferdinand
    • Barry Manilow
    • Elton John
    • Sting
    • Alanis Morisette (sp? sorry ’bout that!)
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    You wouldn’t consider someone who is:

    • Not educated
    • Up tight
    • Too normal
    • Rebellious
    • Afraid of change
  • Question of

    His idea of fun…

    • Picking his ear wax with his cello bow
    • Reading philosophy journals
    • Jumping naked into pools
    • Helping disadvantaged kids
    • Breaking the rules
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    Your fav colour?

    • Black
    • Red
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Blue
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    The basics…you prefer a guy who is:

    • Funny
    • your Mum’s idea of an ideal husband for you
    • Smart
    • Rebellious
    • Rich
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    Clothes, clothes, clothes…you prefer on him:

    • cardigans, english country side stuff
    • I’m sorry, he wears whatever he wants
    • ‘artistic’ clothes…ie: lots of rips, sweat patches, you name it…
    • A suit
    • Whatever…but something casual would be nice
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    On your first date, he’d take you to:

    • A nice restaurant.
    • His house…and have dinner with his Mum!
    • His local hangouts – garage, basement, make-out spot
    • His bedroom
    • Anywhere you want
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    Fav type of music…

    • you’re up for anything new
    • Adult contemporary, Broadway
    • Classical, folk, opera
    • Rock, alternative, etc
    • Top 40, r n’ b

What guy is right for you?

Who is Your Perfect Type?