What Is Your Hidden Psychic Ability?



Hey there guys. How was your day? I hope you all are doing well. Today we will be discussing an important topic What is your hidden Psychic Ability? Psychic abilities are one of the most fascinating things of the Indian mythology. It is believed that some of the aghoris have these kinds of powers but in my opinion it is not possible since there is no research which could prove this fact.

Also, I do agree that Science is still in exploring many different things but for the time being we don’t have any evidence or facts which points in that direction. This is one of the most beautiful things about Science. Science doesn’t believes in anything until it is proven. If we follow this path then we would question every damn thing and it will keep our mind healthy. We should keep questioning different things because then only we grow. If we take or accept everything as it is then it will be problem for us in the near future.

We need to listen and research for ourselves sometimes to get to the truth. It is also a fact that many people believe in all this which often comes from confirmation bias and other prejudices. If we have an open mind then only we could get to the truth. Truth demands purity in thought and the humbleness to accept it.

If we don’t possess these qualities then we might never get to the truth. There are many different things which we could care about if we want to have freedom in our minds.

“The people you think are the happiest are usually the saddest; that’s because they see more and feel deeper than others do. They are the sensitive and they see beyond the veil of what’s tangible and what’s not. They wear no masks and can see through the masks of others. The sensitive to life are few in number, which is why they feel so alone…because they are all alone.”
― Donna Lynn Hope

“I am very much out of my element here. There are moments, listening to the conversations going on around me, when I feel I am going to lose my mind. Earlier today, I heard someone say the words, “I felt at one with the divine source of creation.” Mary Roach on a conducted tour of Hades. I had to fight the urge to push back my chair and start screaming: STAND BACK! ALL OF YOU! I’VE GOT AN ARTHUR FINDLAY BOX CUTTER! Instead, I quietly excused myself and went to the bar, to commune with spirits I know how to relate to.”
― Mary Roach, Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife

“I stood with my hands on the horses’ necks, feeling the electricity of their thinking, the blood moving throughout their veins, and the history held neatly within the fabric of every organ of their equine anatomy, as if the body were a storage unit of memory. As I absorbed every nuance of the four-legged creatures, I touched my own stomach, lower back, liver, and spleen to see what the energies felt like. I compared one horse to another, then to myself, fascinated by the way each was so unique yet so the same.”
― Bethanne Elion, Memoirs of the Bathtub Psychic – The True Story of a Clairvoyant and Her Dogs

“What we do internally affects the world around us and the world around us affects our inner world. With this notion, nothing is separate, and our inner and outer worlds are intricately tied to one another.”
― Mat Auryn, Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation

“Paradox is at the heart of the mysteries of witchcraft. I believe that paradox is what allows the conditions for the witch to create magick. By creating a paradox, we essentially overload the processing of reality by breaking the rules. In a way, we’re jamming the system like throwing a wrench into the cogs, where we can then enter in our own codes for when we’re done and the system and its processes of reality resume.”
― Mat Auryn, Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    Choose your favorite form of art!

    • Abstract art
    • Writing, such as poetry and ficiton
    • Film
    • Historic paintings
    • I’m not really interested in any of these
  • Question of

    Choose one word that describes you!

    • Perceptive
    • Inspired
    • Insightful
    • Not one word, but you have been called an “old soul”
    • None of these apply to me
  • Question of

    Have you ever written something down without being at all conscious of doing so? Did it seem strange or inspired in some way? This is automatic writing!

    • Yes, I have
    • Not exactly like that
    • No, I don’t think so
  • Question of

    Have you ever had an experience in which you dreamed of something from a time before you were born, and the subject matter was something you had no acquaintance with? Was it a very realistic dream? This is retrocognition!

    • Yes, I have!
    • I’ve had a dream about an historical period, but it wasn’t very realistic
    • I’ve had a dream about something in the distant past, but I had some ideas about it already
  • Question of

    When looking at a person, have you ever seen an inexplicable haze of color appear around any part of them (especially around their head)? This is aura reading.

    • Yes, I have
    • Maybe once or twice, but I’m not sure
    • No, I haven’t
  • Question of

    Have you ever had a vision of something that was happening somewhere away from where you were, and later found out that your vision was accurate? This is remote viewing!

    • Yes, I have
    • I think I have, but it wasn’t completely accurate
    • No, I haven’t
  • Question of

    Have you ever successfully communicated with someone else just through your thoughts (especially with someone who was far away)? Did you somehow verify that this had happened with the other person afterwards. This is telepathy!

    • Yes, I have, and it was verified
    • I think I did, but I couldn’t verify
    • No, I haven’t
  • Question of

    How strong do you generally feel that your psychic tendencies are?

    • Strong
    • Could be strong, but I’m not sure
    • Not very strong
  • Question of

    In question 3, we talked about automatic writing. If you have experienced automatic writing, how many times have you done so?

    • 3 or more
    • 1 or 2
    • I haven’t experienced automatic writing
  • Question of

    Have strongly psychic do you feel your dreams are?

    • I feel they’re often very strongly psychic in some way
    • I feel they sometimes have strong psychic aspects
    • I feel they are not generally psychic in any respect
  • Question of

    What kind of coincidences do you experience the most?

    • Lucky or unlucky streaks
    • I think about a person and then they call me
    • Knowing if someone is good or bad by their vibe
    • I think about something happening and it happens!
  • Question of

    How do you prefer to emotionally connect with people?

    • Through touch
    • Through deep conversation
    • By just being together – quietly
    • By making art together
    • Through jokes and laughter
  • Question of

    Your friends are throwing you a surprise birthday party. How did you find out about it?

    • I sensed it in their voices
    • I got their significant other to spill the beans
    • I don’t know for sure, but I had a feeling it was happening
    • My friends are bad at keeping secrets
  • Question of

    What’s your approach to making a big decision?

    • My heart knows best
    • Get advice from people who have been in my position
    • Not to worry, I’ll make any choice work
    • Make a pros and cons list
    • Always go with the more socially acceptable decision
  • Question of

    You sit down to make a 10-year life plan. How does that work out for you?

    • Not great, I prefer to take things day-by-day
    • Okay, but I mostly just end up thinking out loud
    • Alright, I just follow in the footsteps of my role models
    • Easy peasy, I’ve got it all planned out
    • It’s fun, I’m making a collage!

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