What Is Your Most Misunderstood Quality?



It is not uncommon to see misunderstanding among people. Human relationships are prone to misunderstandings. We cannot help but accept them and work our ways to avoid it as much as possible. The reason why we are putting so much emphasis because I have seen long-term relationships coming to an end only due to misunderstandings.

Hence let us take a look at what can we do to save our relationships.

1.Logical Fallacies – Logical Fallacies are something that almost all of the people fall prey to. You could see it very common when people are debating over a thing. People don’t even realize that they are using it while justifying their arguments. The opposite party doesn’t even realize it and feels that they are right not realizing they are using one of the subtlest fake techniques. While it is also true that they might not even realize it but they will be using it.

2.Assumptions – This is one of the reasons that is at the root of many of the problems that humans are facing currently. People often assume things that they don’t have any idea about and draw conclusions based solely on those assumptions. It is one of the most common reasons of misunderstandings in relationships. It is also seen in people who have very low self-esteem. The reason for it is that while they don’t have any idea about the other person they assume that the other person has a higher status than them and feel low about it. It is one of the deadliest ways to kill your self-esteem. People often live their entire life suffering from confidence and low-self esteem issues. They need to understand that we cannot draw conclusions that are based only on assumptions. The other person might just be faking and you are killing your self-esteem due to that.

The aforementioned reasons are the most common ways, in my opinion, from where misunderstandings stem. We need to know the art of articulation and avoid logical fallacies to prove our arguments. We also need to stop making assumptions and accept the fact that we don’t know. Most of our problems in life could be solved if we do those two basic things.

“The Anatomy of Conflict:

If there is no communication then there is no respect. If there is no respect then there is no caring. If there is no caring then there is no understanding. If there is no understanding then there is no compassion. If there is no compassion then there is no empathy. If there is no empathy then there is no forgiveness. If there is no forgiveness then there is no kindness. If there is no kindness then there is no honesty. If there is no honesty then there is no love. If there is no love then God doesn’t reside there. If God doesn’t reside there then there is no peace. If there is no peace then there is no happiness. If there is no happiness —-then there IS CONFLICT BECAUSE THERE IS NO COMMUNICATION!”
― Shannon L. Alder

“Every broken heart has screamed at one time or another: Why can’t you see who I truly am?”
― Shannon L. Alder

“The growth of my love story had been gradual but my success had always existed and both coupled together formed a deadly combination that was detrimental to our love. I wanted people to love me. She wanted them to leave her alone.”
― Faraaz Kazi

“Let us take the time to explore our inner-selves and get acquainted with our real identity and recognize the quirky corners of our being. Thus, we can view others from another angle and come to see them in a new light that allows us to distinguish past possible misunderstandings.( “Words had disappeared”)”
― Erik Pevernagie

“Nirav pinned Simi to the wall and forced a kiss. She managed to push him away, and shouted, “You are a sex-animal. You are… today and even ‘that-day’.”

“If I had been one that day, she’d have come out with torn skin and not torn clothes.” Nirav shouted in return.”
― Saravana Kumar Murugan, Are You Game? The Internet Sensation Reality Game Show

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  • Question of

    Choose one: black or white?

    • Black
    • White
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    If given no other choice, would you rather be an angel or a devil for Halloween?

    • Angel
    • Devil
  • Question of

    What’s your favorite season?

    • Winter
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    On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most, how extroverted are you?

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    How many children would you have in your ideal family?

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    Choose a flavor profile!

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    Do you prefer to work/study indoors or outdoors?

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    Do you generally enjoy being the center of attention?

    • Yes, always
    • Sometimes
    • No, never
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    Which of the following high school “stereotypes” best fits you?

    • Most Popular
    • Most Likely to Succeed
    • Class Clown
    • Mister/Miss Happy-Go-Lucky
    • The Artistic Soul
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    Which social media platform do you spend the most time on?

    • Facebook
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    • Twitter
    • Other/None of the above
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    Are you talkative?

    • I’m a real Chatty Cathy.
    • I can be, but only if I feel comfortable.
    • I think I talk an average amount.
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    You’re invited to a costume party! What do you wear?

    • No costume, I don’t like that stuff.
    • A little hat or something small, but not a full costume.
    • A costume, obviously!
    • The most unique and special costume that ever was.
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    Why did you get sent to the principal’s office?

    • For talking too much.
    • For making fun of other kids.
    • To tell the story behind someone making fun of me.
    • For refusing to do what the teacher wanted.
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    What’s your biggest fault in relationships?

    • Not hearing what my partner really wants or needs.
    • Not speaking up for my needs.
    • Being unwilling to make changes or compromise.
    • Being guarded and not open.
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    Do you like to sit back or jump in?

    • Sit back and suss out the situation first.
    • Jump right in, let’s do this!

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