What Is Your Most Prominent Emotion?

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    How do you react when a friend asks you for money?

    • I am shocked
    • I am angered
    • I laugh
    • I hesitate but then think it over
    • I just give them the money
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    How do you react when your boss asks you to work overtime?

    • I agree because I could use the money
    • I angrily agree
    • I refuse to stay
    • I cry in the bathroom stall
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    What do you do while standing in line at the supermarket?

    • I huff and puff
    • I read a magazine
    • I socialize with others
    • I combat feelings of unease
    • I impatiently totter on my feet
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    Which color best suits your personality?

    • Red
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Gray
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    Do you consider yourself to be a people person?

    • Absolutely
    • If I’m in the mood
    • No way
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    Do you ever take your emotions out on other people?

    • All the time
    • Guilty as charged
    • No I keep my feelings to myself
    • No I know it’s not their fault
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    How do you most like to relax after a long day?

    • Take a warm bath
    • Snuggle up on the couch
    • Have a stiff drink
    • Call a friend
    • Binge watch TV
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    How do you feel when you see an infant or small child?

    • Envious
    • Happy
    • Sad
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    What is your favorite genre of music?

    • Alternative
    • R&B
    • Country
    • Pop
    • Oldies
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    Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist?

    • Optimist
    • Pessimist
    • A bit of both
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    If someone wanted to fight you, what would you do?

    • Grant them their wish
    • Decline and walk away
    • Get someone else to fight for me
    • Do it so I can show off
    • Fight and if I win, I’d bully them
    • I’d be afraid and wouldn’t know what to do
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    If you were dumped by your g/f(b/f), how would you feel?

    • absolutely devastated
    • absolutely stunned
    • absolutely surprised
    • absolutely fine
    • absolutely miffed
    • absolutely vengeful
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    If you saw someone being attacked, what would you do?

    • Help them
    • Call for help
    • Only help if I’m needed
    • Only help if it was serious
    • Run away
    • Watch and see what happens
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    If you just heard on TV a terrible accident has occurred such as a major natural disaster or attack, what would your feeling be?

    • I’d be thankful it wasn’t me
    • I’d be worried for those people
    • I’d be afraid of it happening here
    • I’d make everyday count like it was my last
    • I’d go on with my life
    • I’d be upset with how it happen and gov’t not doing enough
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    Last question, if you saw a homeless person on the street, how would you react?

    • I’d drop off money
    • I’d offer them help
    • I’d feel bad for them
    • I’d walk by like they didn’t exist
    • I’d make fun of them and tell them to get a job
    • I’d exploit them and make them work for their money

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