What is your ‘perfect man’?

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    When you see your ‘perfect’ man, what age is he?

    • Is he 3 or more years older than you?
    • Is he within the age limit of 2 years above or lower than your current age?
    • Is he 3 or more years younger than you?
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    Where is your ‘man’ on the social scale?

    • Is he at the top (loved by everyone)?
    • Is he at the bottom (hated by everyone)?
    • Is he smack-dab in the middle (loved and hated by some)?
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    Where on the mental scale is your ‘man’?

    • Is he in the middle (smart but not a genius)?
    • Is he at the bottom (a total loser when it comes to school)?
    • Is he at the top (nerd, geek)?
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    When on a date you would want your perfect man to be:

    • Shy and quiet, but will be willing to by my food
    • A total kisser, and will be willing to play footsie with me
    • A conversationist and will be willing to hold my hand
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    How long do you see you and your ‘man’ staying together?

    • Forever, no matter what he says
    • As long as I get tired of him
    • I’m going to try to make it work for as long a I can
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    At school or in your workplace how long do your friends say he stares at you?

    • 10 minutes at the least, until I get the idea he really likes me
    • 1 to 2 minutes, until I looks back at him
    • 2 to 5 seconds as long as I’m doing something cute
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    When you see your ‘man’ carry something what is it?

    • Your school work
    • His school work
    • You (to go ride in his awesome car)
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    How much ‘looking’ will you allow for your ‘man’?

    • NONE!
    • Only a little bit, but I’ll make sure its not too much
    • Who cares who he looks at?
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    At your wedding what is your man wearing?

    • His boxers
    • What ever he looks good in, but must be appropriate for a wedding
    • A traditional tux that matches with my dress
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