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    When you’re bored you…

    • Take a relaxing bath…ahh
    • Play with your new toys!
    • SOCIAL MEDIA/ text friends!
    • Play out with friends!
    • Read a book and have a cup of tea..
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    When you’re stressed it’s because of…

    • When you realise that you have been looking for you glasses for 23 minutes when it was in your pocket all along..!
    • When you realise you forgot to bring your passport to the airport!
    • When you need to pack away and go to bed at seven..
    • You seeing that your friend went to the ‘big party’ when she promised she wouldn’t because you couldn’t..
    • A big exam is coming up that you couldn’t be bothered to study for..
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    It’s time to eat! You..

    • ‘Borrow’ some money from your parents and order pizza and have some friends over..
    • Nag your parents to make you fish fingers…
    • Ask your mum to get you some McDonalds..
    • Make a feast for you family who are coming over..
    • Make a quick meal..
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    When you like someone you..

    • Start a conversation with them and get to know them…
    • Play their favourite game with them
    • Ask them to help you with a presentation and flirt with them..
    • Ooh…invite them in for a cup of coffee and freshly made cake! Yum!
    • Give them your chocolate bar and laugh at everything they say?
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    You live..

    • In an apartment or with your parents..unfortunately:(
    • With only your parents..
    • With your parents and siblings…who else?
    • In a little house by yourself or with you husband/wife
    • With your kids and spouse.
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    In one year..

    • You will be having a child!
    • You’ll be going to college/uni or an apprenticeship..
    • You’ll be welcoming you grandchild into your house.
    • You’ll be going to Disneyland for your birthday!
    • You’ll be moving up into the next grade and make new friends..!
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    Your style in clothes are..

    • Sporty and quirky clothes..
    • Elegant, black and red clothes!
    • Skinny jeans, nike shoes and a hoodie..
    • Brown, black and blue things…caps, long skirts trousers.
    • Pink, pink and more pink, or blue, blue and more blue..!
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    You like..

    • Action films
    • Romance
    • Cooking shows
    • Comedy
    • Horror movies
  • Question of

    How do you spell this word:

    • Proffessionalism
    • Proffeshonalism
    • Professionalism
    • Profesonalism
    • Professionalsm
  • Question of

    You think about…

    • Chocolate and your favourite stuffed animal..!
    • School!
    • If your boss will call you in today, for work..!
    • Why your husband or wife died..!
    • Sex…!

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