What is your relationship like?

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    When you’re getting off the phone with him,

    • He says ‘goodnight, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow’
    • He says ‘goodnight and I love you’
    • He says ‘Gotta go. I might call you back’ (and you can hear his friends laughing in the background)
    • He says ‘Bye,’ and then just hangs up
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    You threaten to break up with him

    • He says ‘yeah; you’re right, we shouldn’t be together. Bye’
    • He says ‘it’s your choice, but I hope you have a good reason’
    • He says ‘I know you’re just mad, and no matter how hard you try, I’m not going to let you just break up with me’
    • He says ‘Umm.. I’m busy, can we do this later?’
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    When you have a new shirt on that you think you look really sexy in, your boyfriend

    • Smiles really big, and can’t stop talking about how good you look
    • Looks at you and say ‘you look nice’ but makes sure he won’t take you around his family while you’re wearing it
    • Says ‘you look good baby’, but then turns back to finish talking to his buddy
    • licks his lips and probably starts thinking about all the freaky things he wants to do to you
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    When you honestly sit down and think about your relationship,

    • You feel content about it, and are pretty happy with the way things are going
    • You feel content about it, but still think that more needs to be done
    • You feel just plain ignored, and know that this thing won’t be lasting much longer
    • You feel okay about it, but know your guy and relationship are not good at all
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    How did you find out about him?

    • You were friends first, and then it turned into romance
    • You had a class together
    • A friend hooked you guys up
    • you met him in a public place and exchanged numbers
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    How was you first date?

    • You guys went to a sports game together
    • You grabbed a bite to eat and then did some other various activity
    • you went to a neighborhood party
    • you hung out with him and his friends
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    If he went away for a summer program for three weeks, he would call you

    • you as much as possible
    • when everyone else was making phone calls (so that he wouldn’t feel left out)
    • as soon as he wasn’t busy
    • like only one time the entire time he was there or not at all
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    For your 6 month anniversary

    • He would give you an early present, but forget to call you
    • wouldn’t even acknowledge the fact that you two had an anniversary
    • He would remember, but take you somewhere where all his buddies were hanging out too
    • He would invite you to dinner with his family
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    During the school year,

    • He’s really focused on school and only hangs out with you when he isn’t feeling bust or stressed
    • He’s always ditching to hang out with his homies
    • He balances school, you, and family time pretty well
    • He goes to another school, and he probably has a girlfriend at that school
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    On the holidays,

    • He spends time with his family, but promises that he’ll spend time with you some time over the vacation
    • Hangs out with his friend’s family
    • doesn’t even call you, because he doesn’t think holidays is a time to spend with you
    • Likes to spend time with you (if you’re available) or his family

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