What is your standard of love?



Romantic love has many connotations includes positives and many negatives, but that is the stigma attached to it. These connotations are nothing but in real different categories of love which people often get confused with. Dr. Helen Fisher and her team at Rutgers believe that this romantic love can be divided into 3 categories: lust, attraction, and attachment, and all three categories can further be distinguished with their own set of hormones stemming from the brain.

Lust is driven by the immense need for fulfillment of one’s sexual appetite. Though the evolutionary basis is supported by the humane need of reproduction in order to pass on the genes and contribute to the preservation of the species.

Whereas attraction might be quite similar but in reality are quite distinct. Though people usually lust for someone they are attracted to, each of these can take place without the other as well. The attraction is dealt with the part of the brain that functions on the “reward” behavior which explains why the first few weeks or months in a relationship are more thrilling than the rest.

Lastly, its attachment at the end of the day that plays a major role in the sustenance of a long-term relationship. Attachment mediates friendship, parent-infant bonding, and other intimacies and the two hormones that play an important role in all of this are oxytocin and vasopressin.

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    When your friend tells you they have someone for you to meet and is bringing them to dinner tonight, what’s your first question?

    • Tell me everything!
    • Are they attractive?
    • Where did they go to school?
    • What do they do for a living?
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    You’re at a coffee shop, and you see someone who looks like they have potential. What is it about them that catches your eye?

    • They’re hot.
    • They’re reading one of my favorite books.
    • They have fancy shoes.
    • They look like they just came down off a mountain.
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    What is the perfect ending to a perfect date?

    • Cuddling in bed with hot chocolate
    • Talking about the movie until we fall asleep
    • A digestif drink with a fine dessert
    • Watching the stars till our eyes close
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    What kind of memories can you imagine that you’ll create involving trees?

    • Carving our initials in a tree
    • Kissing under a tree
    • Cutting down a Christmas tree
    • Climbing trees together
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    What do you look forward to about being in love?

    • Feeling like everything is right in the world
    • Staying in bed half the day
    • Having conversations with someone who is really fascinating
    • Having someone to travel with
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    What is the best season to be in love?

    • Spring
    • Fall
    • Summer
    • Winter
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    Which behavior is a major turn-off on a first date?

    • Talking with their mouth full
    • Not having an opinion about politics
    • Not paying for dinner
    • Wanting to see a movie instead of taking a walk
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    Which of the following would you rather have in common with a lover?

    • Everything
    • Taste in books
    • Taste in wine
    • Travel style
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    If you could win a cruise, which would you choose to take with your romantic partner?

    • All-inclusive with water slides and time on the beach
    • One with an ocean view and breakfast in bed, drinks included
    • A top-of-the-line luxury cruise
    • Alaska cruise with glacier hikes
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    What’s the best way to warm up with your love?

    • A hot chocolate and a warm blanket by the fire
    • Skin-to-skin contact
    • Breath work in meditation
    • Take a brisk walk
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    If you had a miserable week at work, how would you like to de-stress on the weekend?

    • Take a ride in a paddle boat
    • Go to the movies
    • Have time to read alone
    • Go to a fine-dining restaurant
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    What is one topic that you have to agree on in order to be happy with someone?

    • How much exercise we need to be healthy
    • Political viewpoint
    • What kind of neighborhood we want to live in
    • That camping is a good way to have fun
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    If your partner leaves town for a week, how do you expect to communicate with them?

    • We’ll FaceTime twice a day.
    • We may talk once or twice on the phone.
    • We’ll probably just text all day everyday.
    • Depending on where they’re going, we may not be able to talk.
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    What do expect would happen in a relationship if the person you were dating did not like your favorite show?

    • We’d have passive-aggressive fights about it.
    • It wouldn’t matter as long as I could watch it.
    • We would probably watch our shows separately.
    • I doubt that would happen because I don’t follow any shows.
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    If the person you were dating were really fit when you met and then stopped exercising, what would you do?

    • I’d suggest that they work out.
    • I’d probably threaten ending the relationship.
    • It wouldn’t bother me as long as everything was OK with their work.
    • I would secretly be worried that they were going to change.

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