What is your strongest mental ability?



Mind is one of the most important things which we often tend to ignore in our day to day life. We take care of physical health but we often forget to take care of our mental health. If you look closely at the modern lifestyle you would quickly realize that stress is an integral part of it. We just don’t seem to cut out off it soon. We may have learnt how to manage our money, time but sadly we still don’t know how to manage our stress levels.

It is one of the crucial factors in determining how long would you live. Many research papers have shown us time and again that stresses causes multiple health ailments which may prove fatal later. Stress is a very underrated cause of fatality in my opinion. We use to call it as a death due to diabetes, cardiac arrest and whatnot. But the reality is that the person dies due to stress. Stress is what had caused diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and many more. Meditation is one of the recommended things to do if you are constantly under stress.

You may say that it doesn’t helps and it is a pre-historic thing to practice but the reality is that research has shown that it decreases your stress levels. Yoga is also an option and science has now approved that yoga helps in several different aspects of mental health. But if you start it do it regularly at least for 6 months because then only you would be able to see its benefits. Yoga could also improve your physical health or help in maintaining your physical health.

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    How do you envision your career, long term?

    • I have a game plan that stretches out all the way to retirement.
    • I just go with the flow and see where my network can take me.
    • I don’t think about it at all.
    • I don’t know. I’ll work hard and hopefully that will carry me through.
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    What are your friends most comfortable talking about with you?

    • Not much
    • They really open up to me about everything.
    • When they have a problem, I’m the one they come to.
    • When they’re looking for motivation
  • Question of

    Which of these tasks do you find the most daunting?

    • Picking color swatches for my home
    • Filling out paperwork
    • Mindless busywork
    • Just doing nothing
  • Question of

    What do you find the most difficult part of dieting?

    • Sticking to it
    • Resisting temptation
    • Eating the same boring things over and over
    • I don’t find it difficult at all.
  • Question of

    What drives you crazy about the people you work with?

    • They think small.
    • They’re callous.
    • They don’t see the right solutions.
    • They lack sticktoitiveness.
  • Question of

    What normally relaxing activity actually wears you out?

    • Picking from a restaurant menu
    • Chatting with friends
    • Making choices like how to decorate my home
    • Watching TV
  • Question of

    What do you do when you’re finished with work for the day, alone, and need to kick back?

    • I play a game.
    • I listen to a podcast.
    • I read.
    • I work out.
  • Question of

    Would you consider serving in the military?

    • Though I might have something to offer, I wouldn’t enlist in peacetime.
    • No way. I couldn’t handle the mental pressure.
    • I might, depending on the job I’d be going for.
    • Absolutely
  • Question of

    With what sort of writing can you read between the lines?

    • The news
    • Personal letters and messages
    • Poetry
    • Instructions
  • Question of

    Which of these jobs would you find easiest to do?

    • City planner
    • Social worker
    • Painter
    • Personal trainer
  • Question of

    How would you fix a broken faucet?

    • I’d call a plumber as I turned off the water.
    • I’d ask Facebook for a suggestion.
    • I’d wrap the leak in gaffer tape, and then go online to find the solution.
    • I’d turn off the water and then learn how to fix it myself.
  • Question of

    How would you get in shape, if you had to?

    • I’d hire a trainer and a dietitian and make a plan.
    • I’d find a friend who would join me on the journey.
    • I’d read the latest science for inspiration.
    • I’d just eat less crap and work out more.
  • Question of

    What kind of college did you go to?

    • A renowned business school
    • A hippy college
    • A conservatory
    • A military academy
  • Question of

    Which of these living situations would you like to try for a year?

    • Rooming with people who work at a Washington think tank
    • Living with simple herdsmen in Mongolia
    • Living in an art commune
    • Living aboard a submarine
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    What sort of physical activities do you do on a regular basis?

    • I run, to clear my head.
    • I go to a class at the gym.
    • I go to a martial arts school.
    • I lift weights.

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