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    Favourite Animal?

    • Bird (Something colourful, wild, and intelligent)
    • Cat (Something independent, mysterious and fluffy)
    • Horse (Something lovable and friendly)
    • Monkey (Something wild, unique and different)
    • Dog (Something caring and loyal)
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    Favourite Colour?

    • Purple/Pink (In the dark/girly coloured family)
    • Blue/Green (In the relaxing, beautiful coloured family)
    • Black/Grey (In the dark, depressing coloured family)
    • Orange/Red (In the sun-coloured family)
    • Neon/Yellow (In the bright, cheerful-coloured family)
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    Best Mental Attraction In Making Friends?

    • Caring, Giving, Loving, Exciting, Interesting, Intelligent, Trustworthy (Somebody who can help you out and you can help them out and they bring out the best in you)
    • Fun, childish, immature, funny, happy (Childish, but can cheer you up type of people)
    • Funny, Confident, Typical & Fun (Popular or amazing human being)
    • Cute, Funny, Special & Tough (Bad boys, strong girls, funny-in-a-unique-way people)
    • Listening, Caring, Helping & Forgiving (Cares about you more than themselves)
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    When People Compliment You, What Are They Most Likely To Say?

    • “You are sooo pretty and confident and just stunning! Not to mention you like to make me smile and you are just sooo funny!”
    • “You are very fascinating, a little bit intimidating but you are so relatable!”
    • “Wow! You are very funny and cheerful. You make me laugh.”
    • “Omg! You are so strong and tough and sometimes a bit scary! It makes you very special.”
    • “You have beautiful eyes, I love the way you think, you have the cutest smile and you give great advice. I could listen to you all day. Not to mention you are totally adorable and you are funny and unique, in a good way. You’re different. You are intelligent and trustworthy too!”
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    What Is Your Favourite School Subject?

    • Something creative, like English or Creative Writing
    • Something interesting, like Science
    • Something fun, like Sport or Lunch Break!
    • Something simple, like Art
    • Something difficult and challenging, like Math
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    What Sentence Is Most True About You?

    • You are funny and usually veeery happy and smiley! Laughing is your lullaby and you make others happier. You LOVE to have fun and make something simple suuuper fun!
    • You are strong and independent. You are usually thinking about how you can be the best you could be. You are usually a little scary to some people but you are super serious and sometimes a little crazy and creative.
    • You are a total joker. You looove to cheer people up and you are usually the popular or most liked person. You are somewhat stupid but your stupidity makes others laugh and you’ll be remembered for your willingness to stand out and your confidence.
    • You couldn’t care less about your surroundings unless they don’t involve people. You try your best to stay away from popular people and you keep to yourself. You love talking about your feelings but hate dealing with other peoples issues, because you don’t care too much about popularity or fitting in. You are unique and somewhat funny in your dark, twisted way!
    • You find beauty in everyone and everything, even the people you truly hate. You LOVE to be alone and observe a lot. You seem to get lost in your thoughts but you are extremely interesting and misunderstood!
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    What Are Your Passions?

    • Horse riding, Farms, Bike riding, Something adventurous and comfortable
    • Sport, Singing, Dancing, Anything to do with standing out and showing off your amazing personality and confidence.
    • Writing, Drawing, English, Anything creative and something you can really talk about your emotions and go deeper into. You love getting deep into things and finding out more. You were made to inspire others with your wisdom and experiences.
    • Video games, Watching movies, Reading, Anything relaxing to do mostly indoors.
    • Art, Music, Dancing, Something Active.
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    What Movie Type Do You Enjoy The Most?

    • Comedy, Anything funny or that makes you happy!
    • Mystery, Horror, Anything creepy or any movie you can play detective alongside with!
    • The life of a teenage girl or something you can really relate to, get to know the characters as if you actually knew them!
    • Romance, Emotional, Upsetting. Something depressing of relatable, something emotional and heart-warming/heartbreaking.
    • Something interesting or informational. Something you can learn from.
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    Two Words To Describe You?

    • Confident & Hilarious, sometimes annoying and stupid!
    • Loud & Tough, sometimes emotional and easily hurt!
    • Funny & Cheerful, sometimes sad and depressed!
    • Depressed & Anti-Social, sometimes relatable and interesting!
    • Quiet & Observant, Sometimes outgoing and crazy!
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    Most-used offence

    • “Too smiley”
    • “Shy, Quiet, Boring”
    • “Fat, Chubby”
    • “Faker, Slut, Bitch”
    • “Stupid, Bitch, Skank, Fake”
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    What Physical Feature Attracts You In A Human?

    • Hair!:):)
    • Eyes! <3 <3
    • Face! 😉 😉
    • Strength/Height!: P: P
    • Humour!: D: D
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    What Do You Think Of Popularity And “Titles?”

    • I think it is pointless. I don’t care. I just be who I am and people usually start crushing on me and thinking I’m this when I’m that! They are being tricked but I have changed quite a bit. Popularity doesn’t matter to me. But I am actually pretty popular, but I’m being myself.
    • Unfair & just not accurate! People are very judgmental and quick to make up their minds about people!
    • It’s what makes life interesting and it creates an understanding of what people think of you. Sometimes it’s unfair but I believe it helps us grow strong and to learn what to fix and what to accept.
    • It is awful and never real! People judge based on your past and what OTHERS think of you! Let them develop their OWN opinions on you! Society makes people judge others to feel good about themselves. It’s usually the most innocent people that think there is something wrong with them. Embrace who you are and be unique, who cares what people think? Popularity isn’t going to matter after school ends!
    • The most stupid creation of judgment ever! It’s why I fear people and hate being social because I hate people judging me!
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    People In The Class You HATE!

    • I HATE people who are happy and confident and just popular!
    • I HATE people who bully and bring people down!
    • I HATE shy, quiet, weak little girls who try to be bitchy and tough but are just stupid little weaklings who try too hard!
    • I HATE people who are always being mean to me for no reason! I really HATE people who think they are soo much better than everyone else!
    • I HATE people who judge and people who are “Normal” and “Typical.” I like people who are mysterious or unique or different! I like a self leader, not a follower of that one annoying popular girl!
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    What Do You Wish People Knew About You?

    • I wish people knew that I have feelings and am not just a self-absorbed bitch who is rude and scary and boring. I am better than that stupid popular bitch!
    • I wish people knew how much pain I’ve been through. I wish they knew how confident and special I really am and not just think I’m annoying and weird.
    • I wish people knew how alone I felt. I wish people saw how upset I am. I wish people knew me and don’t think I’m “shy” or “quiet” or “kind” when I am just very anti-social and prefer to be alone and be independent and not care about people who are out of my league.
    • I wish people knew I am not THAT special! I am not popular I just be myself! I wish people knew how badly I want to be accepted and not picked on for being popular and just being myself!
    • I wish people knew how tough and strong I am. I want people to know I can kick someone’s arse if I need to!
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    Last question: What job do you want if you HAD to pick one of the jobs below?

    • Something evolving around animals. Like horse riding, being a vet, my passion for farm animals!
    • Something interesting. Like wrestling. Something dangerous but adventurous and fun! Karate?
    • Something under the spotlight. Like being an actress, singing, dancing, something where I can be noticed and inspire others.
    • Something helpful. Like a nurse, doctor or fireman/woman.
    • Something creative and that expresses my thoughts/feelings. Like poetry, writing, being an artist. Something where I can express my emotions through a drawing pr a piece of writing.

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