What is your true colour?


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    How old are you?

    • 5-6/7-8
    • 40-60
    • 16-20
    • 30/40
    • 10-15
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    What activities do you like doing?

    • Swimming. Or something relaxing.
    • I like going for walks. Getting the fresh air.
    • Dancing, Singing, And lots of fun things!
    • I do not do anything…I do not get to…
    • Chilling. On my phone/Ipad/Laptop/TV
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    Are you enjoying the test so far?

    • Why does everyone ask this question? Just get on with it!
    • Um…Maybe…Do not know…
    • No. It is honestly stressing me out/No. Sorry.
    • I came here to see what colour I am.
    • Yes! It is good!
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    What do you like to eat?

    • Why would you ask me that?
    • Something nice. Sandwich/Chicken or something.
    • I do not like anything. Nothing is my favourite.
    • Noodles or something. I always have stuff to do.
    • I eat sweets and stuff.
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    Are you ready for your results?

    • Yes! I am hopeful!
    • Okay. Let’s see.
    • It better not be bad.
    • No…I am scared to see what I have become…
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    What is your personality?

    • I am always stressed. Having so much to do.
    • A happy and calm person.
    • I am a dangerous and mean person. I am very tough and will beat anyone up who annoys me.
    • I get offended by everything.
    • I am a very sad and depressed/Emotionless person.
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    What kind of clothes do you wear?

    • Just something dark or something. I have no idea.
    • Something formal. And smart.
    • Just something normal.
    • Something edgy. And good.
    • Anything nice looking.
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    Has anything bad happened in your life?

    • Not really. Life is just really stressing.
    • Not really. I just have a normal life.
    • Lots of things. Do not make me talk about it.
    • People annoy me. That is it.
    • Yes. That is why I act tough!
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    What is your favourite colour?

    • Something crazy Red/Orange
    • Something that other people might like too. Blue/Green
    • I do not know. Something nice. Like purple
    • Something dark…Black/Grey
    • Something nice. Yellow/Pink
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    Are you lazy?

    • Not really. I do lots of things.
    • I am mostly energetic.
    • I can be sometimes.
    • I do anything honestly.
    • Yeah. So what?

What colour suits you most?

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