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    You would never leave behind…

    • Your day planner
    • Your chocolates
    • Your doodle book
    • Your pretty yellow tank top
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    Your favorite flower is a…

    • Rose
    • Sunflower
    • Orchid
    • Lily
  • Question of

    Your dream gift would be…

    • A fashion designer kit
    • Chocolates and flowers
    • New duo-tangs
    • A summer dress
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    Your favorite animal is…

    • A kitty cat
    • An owl
    • A purse dog
    • A songbird
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    Your hobby or hobbies are…

    • Watching mushy romantic movies
    • Singing happy songs and playing outside
    • Designing-who knows what’s next? A scarf, boots, I don’t know, I’ll think after this quiz
    • Cleaning or homework or both
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    Your favorite thing to talk to is…

    • The animals or sun
    • Your crush or boyfriend
    • Your BFFs- wonder if they will like the new hat you knitted
    • Your homework buddy
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    Your pet peeve is…

    • Returning your homework in late
    • Pessimists
    • Boring things
    • People not holding hands
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    Your favorite holiday is…

    • Summer-you love the sun in your face
    • Halloween-you like to make your own costumes
    • Remembrance day-you miss your grandpa
    • Valentine’s day- you love to give mushy valentines to your crush
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    You would describe your personal look…

    • Funky and awesome!
    • Happy and yellow
    • What? my clothes? I don’t know, I just throw things on…
    • Dark and dressy
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    Your role model is…

    • Your teacher
    • Your crush
    • Your daddy
    • Your mom

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