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    What do you do when you’re watching a movie INTRO?

    • Ugh, I liked the old intro better.
    • Skip. Nobody likes the intros.
    • Oh my god, I wonder what’s gonna happen when they resume!
    • I love this intro! Everything about it is amazing.
    • The creators must’ve put so much work into this intro! Wow.
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    Weapon Of Choice?

    • Guns. Something that’ll get rid of my opponents fast.
    • Swords. You don’t have to rely on switching. It’s like a multi-tool.
    • Why would I need a weapon?
    • Bows. You don’t really need to worry about missing.
    • Explosives. Easy to use, and I don’t need skill with it.
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    How do you imagine yourself 10 years from now?

    • Hmm…maybe I’ll be a….hmm…I dunno.
    • Helping people of course!
    • I live in the present. I don’t look to the future.
    • Hopefully the same as I am now.
    • 10 years seem like a long time.
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    What are your main priorities?

    • To keep all the positives and good things alive. Like my belongings.
    • Success.
    • Staying my true self.
    • Everyone else’s lives.
    • Whatever people say my priorities are.
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    What would you name your child?

    • Bob/Mia
    • Thomas/Mary
    • Cameron/Piper
    • Hope/Destiny
    • Kyle/Kayden
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    Snacks of Choice?

    • Gum. Something that’ll last for a while.
    • Candy! Sour Patch! Gummy worms! You name it!
    • Drinks. You don’t need to chew, just gulp and swallow.
    • Vegan Things, I guess.
    • Chips. Lays are the best. There are so many flavors to choose.
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    Superpower? Which one would you choose?

    • Time control.
    • Mind reading.
    • Super speed.
    • Shapeshifting.
    • Healing.
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    What kind of people are you into?

    • Talented people. People who will be reliable.
    • Compassionate. People who will stay with me through thick and thin.
    • People with the same interests and hates that you have.
    • Manipulative. Tough. People who can take lead if they want.
    • Cheerful people. Anyone who is positive like me!
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    Did you like the quiz?

    • It was nice! / It was bad.
    • I really hope this doesn’t affect my score.
    • Maybe.
    • Yeah! It was splendid! Marvelous! Amazing in general! I loved it!
    • Sure, whatever. Can I see my results now?
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    • Will this affect my score?
    • Hey.
    • Hello! How are you?
    • Um…I don’t exactly use the word sup. So…Greetings?
    • Get on to the quiz…please.

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