What is yours and you’re crushes compatibility?

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    How do you feel when your crush is around?

    • Hot and sweaty.
    • Shy.
    • Giddy.
    • Silly.
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    Which of your crush’s physical features do you find most attractive?

    • Eyes.
    • Bosom.
    • Bottom.
    • Abs.
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    What personality trait do you find most likable in others?

    • Honesty.
    • Openness.
    • Friendliness.
    • Loyalty.
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    Have you had physical contact with your crush?

    • That’s my business.
    • We haven’t had any physical contact.
    • I wish!
    • We have brushed up against one another.
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    Does your best friend know about your crush?

    • My best friend knows all about it.
    • I haven’t told anyone.
    • I think my best friend suspects something.
    • My best friend knows a little about it.
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    How would you feel if you found out your crush doesn’t like you?

    • I would be crushed.
    • I’ll find a new crush.
    • I would get on with life.
    • I’ll cry for a week.
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    Where do you see yourself in five years?

    • I’m hoping to get married.
    • I’m hoping to have children.
    • I’m hoping to be moving up my career ladder.
    • I’m hoping to relocate by then.
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    Have you thought about telling your crush how you feel?

    • I’ve considered it.
    • I get ill when I think about it.
    • I’m not that bold.
    • I’ve dropped subtle hints.
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    Do you know your crush’s astrology sign?

    • I know their birthdate.
    • I haven’t gotten that far yet.
    • I don’t believe in that stuff.
    • I would love to know.
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    Do you follow your crush on social media?

    • I do.
    • I do not.
    • My crush follows me.
    • I don’t use social media much.
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    If your crush kissed you, what would you do?

    • I would faint.
    • I would jump their bones.
    • I would kiss them back.
    • I would not be able to stop smiling.
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    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    • I don’t rule it out.
    • I think love takes a lot more work than that.
    • I believe in lust as first sight.
    • I certainly do.
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    Do you believe in soulmates?

    • I don’t believe in soulmates.
    • My best friend is my soulmate.
    • I hope I have a soulmate out there.
    • I believe we have many soulmates.
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    Do you flirt with your crush?

    • I’ve tried.
    • I could never do that.
    • I flirt with everyone.
    • I’ve totally flirted with my crush.
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    Where would you most like to take your crush on a first date?

    • The beach.
    • A fancy restaurant.
    • A concert.
    • A party.
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    Are you the kiss and tell type?

    • I kiss and tell my best friend.
    • I keep my affairs private.
    • I would kiss and tell my coworkers.
    • It depends how good the kiss is.
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    Would you be open to a one-night stand with your crush?

    • I want more stands than that.
    • I would go for it.
    • It’s a tempting offer.
    • I’m not into one-night stands.
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    When you are caught staring at your crush by your crush. What happens?

    • You are both caught in a stare staring into each other’s eyes and it takes a while until someone looks away
    • You look away quickly
    • You stare for a few seconds and then you look away
    • He stares and then looks away
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    How often do you both talk to each other?

    • Everyday but only through text
    • Never
    • Once a week
    • Once in a while
    • Everyday a face to face proper conversation
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    How much do you like/love him?

    • Quite a lot
    • Only a little, you’ve only liked him for a short time
    • I don’t even know if I like him yet!
    • 100% like him, he means the world to me
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    How much do you think he likes you?

    • A little bit
    • Kinda a lot
    • A lot him and his friends tell me everyday
    • Not at all
    • I don’t know
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    Do you both have things in common?

    • We are the complete opposite on things we like to do
    • A lot we both love sports and play the same stuff
    • I few things like the same sets for lessons so we get the same grades and stuff
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    How much do you think about him?

    • Only when I get a message from him etc
    • Never
    • Not much
    • Everyday
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    Do you guys hang out?

    • Yeah everyday
    • Once or twice a week at school and stuff
    • We never have I’m too scared he wouldn’t want to
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    How long have you known each other?

    • We’ve known each other our whole lives since we were babies because our parents are like besties
    • Only a few months
    • A few years
    • A week
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    What you ever ask him out?

    • Yeah I’m quite a confident gall
    • Maybe:
    • If I had my best friend to help me
    • Never
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    If you told him you liked him what would his reaction be?

    • Be happy and tell you that he likes you back
    • He would probably laugh and then tell everyone and make fun of me
    • Tell you that he always knew you did
    • Walk away
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    Do you work with your crush?

    • We do work together.
    • My crush visits my job.
    • We do not work together.
    • I go to where my crush works sometimes.
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    How would your most recent ex describe you?

    • Wild.
    • Sweet.
    • High maintenance.
    • Goofy.
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    Have you had a lot of long-term relationships?

    • I have only had one.
    • I’ve had a couple.
    • I have never had a long-term relationship.
    • I’ve had a few.

How compatible are you as a couple?

Are you a cute or compatible as a couple?