What kind of boy should you date?

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    What do you want in a boy?

    • Looks, muscles, body
    • Sweet, caring, protective, romantic
    • Glasses, computers, technology you can work on together
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    What’s your dream date?

    • His football game, and an party after
    • The Movies
    • A nice dinner
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    Do you want a protective boyfriend?

    • No
    • Yes
    • I don’t care, just as long as he’s mine!
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    How do you want to be kissed?

    • Passionately
    • Quickly
    • Slowly
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    How do you want to be asked out?

    • A text
    • By person, at your locker
    • A note
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    What kind of relationship do you want?

    • Fun
    • Sweet
    • Romantic
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    What colors do you like?

    • Black, blue, anything dark
    • Pink, purple, anything light
    • I like sticking to one color
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    What type of boy friend do you want?

    • Nerd, geek
    • Jock, hot
    • Dark, mysterious
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    Thanks for taking my quiz!

    • Whatever…
    • Sure.
    • Your welcome!
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    Did you enjoy it?

    • Totally. This quiz was helpful!
    • Go to hell
    • Yes, until the end when it started getting boring.

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