What kind of celebrity would you be?



It was though these traits it that was discovered conscientiousness and agreeableness had the maximum influence on the gender wage gaps. It was revealed that men who are conscientious are rewarded generally whereas women who are agreeable are penalized more than men.

As for the cognitive skill levels it was disclosed that women were rewarded more for them than men usually are. Tests like word-reading test provide an opportunity for women on higher income making them receive an 8% wage benefit where men on higher income receive only a 5% benefit. People who are diligent be it men or women were regarded as hardworking, punctual, productive, efficient and organized. Despite the similarity the wage premium for men was more than 5% on the other hand about 3% for women at the bottom end of the income levels whereas women who are on high income level have a slight advantage in this case.

As for people who are agreeable are regarded as humble, generous, kind, polite which one might think are beneficial for a career to succeed but the case is opposite. It was observed that women who possessed this trait were probable to receiving a wage penalty. Whereas men who appeared agreeable got a significant wage advantage.  This might seem unfair but the rational experience behind this is quiet just, as women who were more agreeable were gullible and were unable to handle conflict situation well.

“Boys are like purses. You’re always gonna have that one boy that you’re always comfortable with and you know you’ll always kind of like. That’s your purse that you wear everywhere. Then you have that gorgeous bag that you want everyone to see you with but the gorgeous bag is usually an asshole or costs a lot of money. Then you have those other purses that you really like but you really don’t want to be seen with”
― Lauren Conrad

“How is it that some celebrities, whom the average person would believe to have all the popularity a human being could want, still admit to feeling lonely? It is quite naive to assume that popularity is the remedy for loneliness. Loneliness does not necessarily equal physical solitude, it is the inability to be oneself and rightfully represented as oneself.”
― Criss Jami, Killosophy

“I mean, that’s at least in part why I ingested chemical waste – it was a kind of desire to abbreviate myself. To present the CliffNotes of the emotional me, as opposed to the twelve-column read.
I used to refer to my drug use as putting the monster in the box. I wanted to be less, so I took more – simple as that. Anyway, I eventually decided that the reason Dr. Stone had told me I was hypomaniac was that he wanted to put me on medication instead of actually treating me. So I did the only rational thing I could do in the face of such as insult – I stopped talking to Stone, flew back to New York, and married Paul Simon a week later.”
― Carrie Fisher, Wishful Drinking

“In honor of Oprah Winfrey: Even greater than the ability to inspire others with hope is the power to motivate them to give as much to the lives of others as they would give to their own; and to empower them to confront the worst in themselves in order to discover and claim the best in themselves.”
― Aberjhani, Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry

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    If you were offered a role in a movie that was based on a true story, would you take it?

    • Of course! Movies like that offer inspiration and emotion to the audience, which in my opinion is the one of the best things a movie can do.
    • Naw, I’ll just wait until something better comes along. After all, I’m awesome.
    • No, I don’t need the money or the job. My parents are richer than Gates, and they’ll just buy me the magical dragon I’m wanting.
    • Yes I’ll take it! I need the publicity!
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    If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

    • I’m. So. Hot.
    • I. Am. Awesome.
    • I. Need. Money.
    • I. Am. Caring.
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    You find a $20 bill on the ground, what do you do?

    • Oh my frickin’ gash! A $20! I’m gonna go buy me some new fake earrings and cheap gold necklaces!
    • Oh hey! $20! I bet the animal shelter could use this.
    • $20? That’s it? My parents give me a $1,000 weekly allowance.
    • Holy crap actual money! I need some food!
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    A homeless man is sitting on the sidewalk. What do you do?

    • Ewww! Get away! You’re poor!
    • I’d sit down with him and talk. I bet he’s got a lot of stories to tell.
    • I would keep walking. It’s none of my business.
    • I’d ask him if he knows who I am.
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    You’re invited to a celebrity party. What would you dress in?

    • I’d dress in something unique but casual. Something that’s clean but gets peoples attention.
    • Dress? Why would I do that? I’ll just wake up and go. Everyone likes my dirty muscleshirt and shorts because after all, I’m awesome.
    • I’d dress in the coat of a Siberian tiger and a hat made from golden feathers.
    • Whatever my company makes me wear. After all, they’re the boss.
  • Question of

    Describe your personality using a color.

    • White. The color that has all other colors. The person that cares for everything.
    • Whatever color that says ‘I’m Awesome’
    • Gold. It’s the color of rich people.
    • Blue
  • Question of

    If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

    • The east coast of the U.S. I’m awesome
    • Africa. I’ve heard there’s a lot of missionary trips there
    • Everywhere since my daddy can pay for it
    • Wherever my company says I’m going
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    You hear that another celebrity got arrested for drunk driving. What is the first thing you think of?

    • Now THAT’S a guy who knows how to party!
    • Sounds like me last week.
    • I’m glad that’s not me. My boss would KILL me.
    • They need help. Psychological help. NOW
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    What kind of house would you live in?

    • Frat house. Because they’re awesome, like me.
    • Something nice and built for several people. I like company.
    • My mom and dads house. It’s the size of North America and Saudi Arabia.
    • The mansion my company gives me, of course. Those are always nice.
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    Finally, if you could be an animal, what animal would you be?

    • A pretty pretty bird. They’re pretty, like me. But not AS pretty, of course.
    • A tiger, like the one I have tattooed on my arm.
    • A panther. Or a leopard. They’re beautiful and majestic creatures. But not overated.
    • A mouse. Tiny and insignificant like me in this world.

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