What Kind Of Guy Am I Attracted To?

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    When you’ve been attracted to a dangerous kind of guy, did you already know he wasn’t quite like the others?

    • Yes
    • I had a vague idea, but wasn’t sure
    • No
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    What would intrigue you most about a man?

    • He’s polite and knows how to treat a girl well
    • How he says nothing about himself, and is mysterious
    • How popular he is amongst his friends
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    He drives a:

    • A Maruti Swift
    • A black motorcycle with an all-black crash helmet
    • He takes the bus or metro
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    His voice is:

    • Deep, when he ever does talk, and his looks are powerful enough to stop the heart
    • Pretty high, but it’s OK
    • Warm and protective
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    What would you like his kiss to be like?

    • Short, but passionate, with tongue
    • Long, slow, and sweet, with my back bent, and his arm supporting me
    • Slow, and hesitant at first, but deepening to desperation
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    How would you like to meet him?

    • I’d see him in the corner of a bookstore, his hair falling into his eyes while reading a book with blood on the front
    • In a restaurant – our eyes would meet across the room and there’d be magic
    • I would need help with my school/office work and he’d be there – ready to help
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    You’re the kind of woman who:

    • Likes her man to be strong and protective
    • Likes a man who believes I can take care of myself
    • Likes her man to be sensitive to her needs
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    Your dream man – what drives his passion?

    • Adventure – he’s the kind of guy who’ll jump off a cliff, go sky-diving. He’s totally fearless
    • His motorbikes – he’s always scrubbing and polishing them
    • He loves all sports – especially football and cricket
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    What type of body do you like best?

    • Muscular but lean
    • I don’t mind the skinny sort as long as he’s got brains
    • Beefed up – I love big muscles!
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    What type of hair do you like best?

    • Short, light brown hair
    • Bald – I love men who shave off all their hair
    • Medium-length black hair that falls into black eyes

What’s your type?

What Type of Guy Do I Like?