What kind of guy do I like?

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    You would marry a guy for…

    • His looks.
    • His wage.
    • His personality.
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    On guys, I like…

    • Brown hair.
    • Blond hair.
    • Black hair.
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    I like to…

    • Listen to music with my boyfriend.
    • Go shopping with my boyfriend.
    • Go to work with my boyfriend.
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    My ideal date is…

    • An all-night party at the beach.
    • An expensive, romantic restaurant.
    • Surfing the web.
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    I would describe myself as…

    • Fun, hot and hilarious.
    • Relaxed, elegant and friendly.
    • Shy, peaceful and unique.
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    I love…

    • Pale skin.
    • Regular skin.
    • Tanned skin.
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    I like to listen to…

    • Classical, or relaxing tunes.
    • Anything that’s popular.
    • Individual music, like rock, emo style music.
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    I like my guys body to be…

    • Lean.
    • Extra muscly.
    • Toned.
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    I look for…

    • A sophisticated personality in a guy.
    • A sense of partying in a guy.
    • A mysterious side to a guy.
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    I love it when guys…

    • Get drunk and have the time of their lives!
    • Work hard and spare time for me.
    • Listen to music and lose themselves in emotion.

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