What kind of guys do you prefer?

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    What would you rather eat?

    • Twinkie
    • Gummi’s
    • Jaw Breaker
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    What do you look for?

    • Strong
    • Looks
    • Sweet
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    What kind of hands would you prefer?

    • rough
    • soft but still rough
    • soft, gentle is what I like
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    What kind of stuff do you look for in the personality?

    • sweet and good taste in women clothing
    • sweet and strong
    • sweet with lots of humor
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    If a guy could get you something what would it be?

    • chocolate, flowers, kisses
    • a really nice flirty skirt and sexy top
    • chocolate, car and money
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    What kind of music would he listen to?

    • hip hop/rap
    • pop
    • heavy metal/rock
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    • anything that is in style
    • just pants a cute shirt
    • baggy, kind of gangster like
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    What kind of date would you want to go on?

    • drive up on a hill and eat and talk for hours
    • movies, his house
    • pool and hot tub
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    What does his room look like?

    • cars, girls, wild stuff 😉
    • paintings, pictures, cool black lights
    • bed, pictures on the wall, normal
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    What is he like?

    • very feminine
    • very sweet
    • very strong

Is Mr. Right Really Right For You?

What type of guys do you like?