What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

As you might already know there are various types of intelligence and you traditional tests related to intelligence fail at it miserably. However, we have created this What kind of intelligence quiz as a means to let you get a bit closer to know what your actual intelligence type is.

Identifying the many types of intelligence

In spite of the fact that some types of intelligences are generally more recognized, and in some cases even more prized, the reality is that no single type of intelligence is superior to another. As opposed to this, it is more crucial to understand what kind of intelligence you possess. This can assist you in maximizing your innate advantages and identifying areas where you may need to put in a little extra effort in order to be successful. Do you have a certain level of intelligence or smarts?

Can you tell me what types of intellect I possess?

It is common for people to associate the word intelligence with images of arithmetic and science, as well as IQ testing and intricate algorithms. People who are deemed to be intelligent are highly appreciated and are frequently regarded as being a cut above the rest of the population. What is the definition of intelligence? And, is there a single type of intelligence? Does it matter if you are a complete failure in mathematics but a genius in languages? Does this make you unintelligent? Or do you simply require a fresh way of framing things when it comes to your studies?

In psychology, there are nine different types of intelligence.

“Frames of the Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences,” a book written by Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner in 1983, addresses precisely these topics. Gardener shows in this section that people do not have a single type of intellectual aptitude, but rather a variety of intelligences. For example, a person who is musically talented but bad with arithmetic can be equally intelligent in both areas.

Gardener contends in his book that standard psychometric approaches of assessing intelligence are too narrow and that they are incapable of capturing all of the traits and talents that people possess in their lives. He argues that judging someone’s IQ just on the basis of one or two indicators would be insufficient in this case. Instead, in order to aid us in better understanding ourselves, Gardener provides instances of each of the nine forms of intelligence.

Gardeners have nine different forms of intellect.

1. Intelligence based on naturalistic principles

Have you ever noticed how certain people have the ability to grow anything? It’s as if they were born with a “green thumb.” Others have a natural affinity for animals, while some feel entirely at ease in the outdoors. Naturalistic intelligence is a term used to describe persons who are in tune with their surroundings. They take pleasure in being outside, nurturing and exploring their surroundings. People with high naturalistic intelligence are acutely aware of even the most minor changes in nature and their immediate environment.

2. The ability to perform musically

Not everyone is blessed with green fingers and a passion for the great outdoors. Some people, on the other hand, are instinctively attracted to music. The majority of people who have musical intelligence are more sensitive to sound than the average person, and they are typically able to detect sounds that others would not normally notice. They have a strong sense of rhythm as well as the capacity to distinguish between different tones and pitches. A greater number of them either play an instrument or are actively involved in the music industry as a whole.

Logical–mathematical intelligence is the third type of intelligence.

In terms of general intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence is the most similar to what we generally connect with it out of all the categories of intelligence. When it comes to math and working with numbers, people who have this type of intelligence are exceptional. They have a strong ability to recognize patterns and to reason through processes in a logical manner. They have outstanding deductive thinking abilities and can frequently talk themselves out of a jam. People with high levels of logical–mathematical intelligence are frequently drawn to games that require them to strategize and solve riddles.

4. Existential intelligence is the ability to recognize one’s own existence.

While many of us are content with going about our daily lives, persons who possess high levels of existential intelligence are more likely to ponder the meaning of everyday events in more depth.


Intelligence and IQ are a huge subject and we will not bore you more with all the details. You are better off playing this quiz and getting off to what you were doing before. Don’t take our What kind of intelligence quiz too seriously.

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  • Question of

    What group or stereotype do you fit into?

    • Jocks
    • Loners
    • Nerds
    • Popular
    • Outcasts
  • Question of

    What colors do you find appealing?

    • bright shades like hot pink, purple, or neon green
    • oranges, browns, or greens
    • pastels or white
    • navy or shades of gray
    • peach, orange, or red
  • Question of

    Which kind of music do you like?

    • Anything soft
    • What is music?
    • Punk Rock or something unusual
    • Rap
    • Classical
  • Question of

    Favorite food?

    • light food like soup
    • Exotic foods like Japanese
    • fine or gourmet food
    • traditional, burger and fries
    • something healthful
  • Question of

    What are you good at?

    • Making people feel better
    • writing novels
    • doing high energy activities for long spans of time
    • Acting
    • playing the piano
  • Question of

    Your opinion of nature?

    • It should be protected and it is vital to the earth
    • It is full of excitement and life!
    • It is beautiful and relaxing
    • I like all the animals! Little squirrels!
    • It’s there? I wouldn’t know, I’m inside all the time.
  • Question of

    What did you think of the quiz?

    • FUN!
    • It was O.K., but I’m not sure my results will be accurate
    • I had nothing else to do.
    • It was somewhat fun, and now I’m not bored anymore.
    • Can’t *twitch* sit still *twitch* for this long *twitch*
  • Question of

    So what do you think your results will be anyway?

    • Math intelligence
    • Artistic intelligence
    • Literary intelligence
    • Physical intelligence
    • Self intelligence
  • Question of

    What would you rather be doing?

    • Organizing your stuff or doing something else productive
    • Dancing or playing a sport
    • Reading or having a deep conversation
    • Drawing or writing
    • Meditating or sleeping
  • Question of

    Which can you relate best to?

    • Feelings
    • Words
    • Pictures
    • Movements
    • Numbers
  • Question of

    What is or was your favorite subject in school?

    • P.E. or Gym
    • Social Studies
    • English
    • Art
    • Math

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