What Kind of Love Are You In?

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    How often do you see this person?

    • On the weekdays
    • Once or twice a week
    • Every day
    • Hardly ever
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    Do you think you’d be able to work with this person?

    • Yes, I’d love to.
    • Maybe
    • Yes, we make a great team.
    • I already work with them.
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    Would you say this person makes me feel special?

    • No, but they could, if they’d notice me.
    • No, but I think they’re special.
    • Yes, like I’m the most important person in the world.
    • Sometimes, but not every second of every day.
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    How do you know you love this person?

    • I just know.
    • I love to look at them.
    • I love to be around them.
    • I don’t, really.
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    If this person started dating someone else, what would you do?

    • Cry
    • Move on
    • Get a divorce
    • Not care
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    Did you believe in love before you met this person?

    • Yes, but I didn’t know it was like this.
    • I tried to.
    • I had all but given up.
    • Not at all
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    Would you consider yourself a romantic person?

    • I don’t know yet, but I can try to be.
    • Yes, I’m very romantic.
    • No, but I try.
    • Not at all.
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    Do you ever think about what it would be like to get into an argument with the person you love?

    • Yes, but we resolve it quickly.
    • No, I don’t like to argue.
    • Yes, and we do argue sometimes.
    • No, that’s weird.
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    Was there ever a time you didn’t like this person?

    • Nope, I loved them since I met them.
    • Yes, when I first met them.
    • They have their annoying side, but it doesn’t bother me.
    • Yes, it happens quite frequently, actually.
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    Do you consider this person to be one of your close friends?

    • No, but I wish they were.
    • Yes, and I don’t want to ruin that.
    • Yes, they are my best friend.
    • No, not really.
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    Have you ever met anyone else like this person?

    • No, they are one of a kind.
    • Yes, but not nearly as beautiful.
    • No, they are perfect for me.
    • Yes, there are thousands of people like them in the world.
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    Is being in love important to you?

    • Yes, it’s the most important thing.
    • No, it’s not that important
    • Yes, it’s important to have that connection.
    • No, it’s not important at all.
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    What is this person’s most attractive trait?

    • Every square inch of them
    • Their arms
    • Their eyes
    • Their butt
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    When you talk to this person, what do you say?

    • Hi!
    • I think you’re pretty.
    • How was your day?
    • ‘Sup?
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    Do they make you laugh?

    • Harder than anyone I ever met
    • No, but that doesn’t matter to me.
    • Yes, quite a bit.
    • No, they’re kind of annoying.

What Kind of Love Are You In?

I think I’m in love?