What Kind of Person Are You Compatible With?

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    In public, you are…?

    • Calm/Tranquil/Laidback
    • Distant/Quiet/Reserved
    • Crazy/Outgoing/Animated
    • Funny/Friendly/Cheerful
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    In private you are…?

    • Rebellious/Spontaneous/Brave
    • Talkative/Joking/Happy
    • Easygoing/Passive/Caring
    • Withdrawn/Calm/Sheepish
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    Your ideal date is…?

    • ‘Someplace not so crowded. A park or at home, maybe.’
    • ‘Anywhere works.’
    • ‘A bar? Or a movie theatre? Somewhere fun?’
    • ‘Somewhere illegal. Water tower? Sounds good.’
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    What is your favorite color?

    • White/Black(Colors that aren’t actually colors)
    • Blue
    • Red/Purple
    • Orange/Yellow/Green
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    Who are YOU interested in?

    • A shy/calm/funny person.
    • Someone pretty normal.
    • Someone rowdy, and a little dangerous.
    • No preference.
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    Do you want kids?

    • ‘Maybe adopted. They’re alright.’
    • ‘Never in a million years.’
    • ‘Yes, of course.’
    • ‘Sure. It doesn’t really matter to me right now.’
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    How do you handle pressure?

    • ‘Poorly.’
    • ‘Put it on max. I got this.’
    • ‘It’s easy to laugh off. I don’t take things too seriously.’
    • ‘I’m used to it, mostly.’
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    Who’s a celebrity crush of yours?

    • Johnny Depp/Chloe Moretz
    • Channing Tatum/Angelina Jolie
    • Michael Cera/Emma Stone
    • Brad Pitt/Katy Perry
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    What food describes you best?

    • ‘Some day-um beef jerky. Spicy.’
    • ‘Ice cream.’
    • ‘Hershey’s kiss.’
    • ‘Potato chips.’
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    What is your favorite dog breed or type?

    • Toy/Mini Dog(Any)
    • Mastiff
    • Labrador
    • Rottweiler
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    What would your perfect date be?

    • Walk on the beach, talking about your feelings and interests
    • Drinks and going out together with your friends
    • Watch a movie in his basement and listen to music
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    What kind of a relationship are you looking for?

    • I want a little danger, I want to feel wanted
    • I want to date, but more having fun and games
    • I want a long-term relationship- I want to find my soul mate
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    What are your standards for being treated in a relationship?

    • It’s an equal relationship, he can treat me like one of the guys if it’s respectful
    • I want to feel pampered and like a princess, he needs to be at my every whim
    • I consider teasing and making fun a form of flirting, so that kind of exchange in a relationship is what I’m looking for
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    What would be the perfect gift your boyfriend could give you?

    • A poem, or being serenaded by a sweet song
    • A henna tattoo at the market, matching his
    • Buying me a drink at the bar and taking me out
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    What’s the most important thing in a relationship?

    • Having fun and living like there’s no tomorrow
    • Sharing mutual interests and seeing if this could last longer than a fling
    • A chemical attraction is stronger than anything
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    Your boyfriend takes you out for dinner but then conveniently ‘loses’ his wallet. How do you react?

    • Pick up the tab this time, but tell him the next one’s on him
    • Pay the bill and then buy him a drink at the club later on, it was an honest mistake
    • Pay the bill and tell him he’s worth every penny, knowing he’ll give you the money back the minute you get home
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    You’re in the beginning stages of a new relationship, and you see your guy out with his friends, chatting up a pretty, scantily clad girl out at a club

    • Storm up to him, firing accusations, then have a passionate make up scene when he explains he knew her from middle school and he’s just saying hi
    • Go over to him with a group of your friends, sweetly give him a hug and introduce yourself to the girl
    • Go to the bar, get a guy to buy you a shot and heavily flirt with him in hopes your new guy will look over and get the message to walk away from the girl
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    You’ve had a falling out with your best friend over a meaningless issue, your boyfriend picks up on your anger and asks what’s wrong

    • You profess all your problems and give him all the sordid details, knowing he’ll be a shoulder to cry on
    • Tell him nothing’s wrong and grab his hand, he’s not interested in girl dramatics and he’ll be uncomfortable hearing about your petty problems
    • You tell him the bare minimum of details and he offers to start a cruel rumor about her
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    It’s Valentines Day/anniversary for you and your boyfriend, and when you see him he doesn’t mention anything planned

    • You keep your mouth shut and do your best not to reveal your disappointment, deep down you know he doesn’t think it is as special as you do
    • Tell him off and complain until he buys you some chocolates at the drug store
    • Hold out that he has a lavish surprise planned, because it’s who he is
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    Your boyfriend gives you a rose, kisses you quickly, looks into your eyes.. and says he wants to tell you something. You think he’s going to say:

    • I love you. You’re so happy that it overwhelms you.
    • I got tickets to a concert you may not like, Wanna come, or should I ask my friends?
    • There’s a hot club I wanna hit up with my boys, do you mind if you stay home tonight?


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