What Kind of Person Are You?

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    You have some spare time at the weekend, with no homework or chores to do. You:

    • Invent some homework and do it
    • Polish your nails, go shopping with your friends
    • Feed your pets lovingly, perhaps mow your dad’s lawn for cash
    • Listen to music, perhaps play on the computer
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    At school, one of the drama teachers tells you: ‘Pretend to be an animal.’ What animal do you pretend to be?

    • I don’t like animals. Crawling around on a dirty floor – ugh!
    • An owl, an elephant – or an annoying mosquito
    • A wolf, a spider or an iguana
    • All animals are good, but it would have to be a horse or an eagle – something wild and free
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    Someone who goes to your school, but is in the year above/below you and you’ve never met, is crying. You:

    • Walk past without doing anything, and feel a bit guilty
    • Try and cheer them up by showing them how you dissected a frog earlier that day
    • Offer them your ‘Spice’ magazine – you’ve read it twice already
    • They are sitting on that poor tree! Stupid people
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    Your parent/s give you a small chunk of money spend anywhere in the world. Where would you go?

    • A new calculator with over 50 pointless buttons!
    • I’d donate it all to a save-the-redwood-forests charity
    • Camden Market in London
    • Tammy, New Look, Flirt, Cosmic Girl, etc.
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    A friend walks down the street toward you. What’s the first thing you notice about them?

    • That the person’s my friend
    • That they’re wearing great new shoes/nails/hair extensions, etc
    • I don’t *sobs* have any friends *sniffs*
    • That they have a new Greenpeace shirt!
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    Your mother and/or father buys you the new Sims game. What do you get?

    • I’m washing my hair; who has time for computer games?
    • Sims Unleashed
    • I don’t get the Sims; I get the Interactive Dictionary for Kids!
    • Sims Makin’ Magic
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    What do you watch on TV?

    • Simpsons, SpongeBob, random films
    • Shopping channels, beauty product ads
    • Intellectual Geniuses, Great Scientists of the 18th Century
    • Anything that’s on, usually, but most of the time I’m outside
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    What is your favorite film? (Just pick one at random if you haven’t seen any of these, or if your favorite one isn’t here)

    • Oh my God…they have films? I thought they were just in sci-fi fairy tales!
    • Legally Blonde 1/2, Love Actually, Baywatch the Movie
    • I’m too busy outside to watch films
    • The Ring, The Lord of the Rings 1/2/3, Jurassic Park 1/2/3
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    You like to listen to:

    • Tom Jones, Yes We’re Geniuses, H20
    • McFly, Girls Aloud, Westlife
    • Anything when I’m not outside
    • Evanescence, Nickelback, Blink182, White Stripes, Nirvana
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    Last question! You are on MSN Messenger. What’s your display picture? (If you don’t have MSN, just choose the one that you would like to look at all the time.)

    • I’m not old enough for MSN. My mother says bad people are on there
    • Horses, other animals, trees
    • Tammy’s logo, beauty products, a pink daisy cartoon
    • A band logo or pic, Shrek characters
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    Are you in tune with other people?

    • I pretty much always am.
    • I don’t have any idea if I am.
    • No, but I can figure them out.
    • I think so.
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    What would be a good job for you?

    • Social worker
    • Stunt man
    • Professor
    • Pro athlete
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    How far did you go in school?

    • Some college
    • High school
    • Masters or higher
    • College
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    Do you ever give up?

    • Well, yeah.
    • Not if it is something I really want to accomplish.
    • It depends on the task.
    • Never
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    Do you cry at sad movies?

    • All the time
    • I don’t go to sad movies.
    • No, that is just being emotionally manipulated.
    • I never do.

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