What Kind of Physical Touch Would Destroy You Quiz!

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    How Long After Meeting Someone Do You Tell Them Everything About You?

    • If they’re queer? 2 minutes. if they’re cishet? at least 30 years
    • I literally don’t know. like the cashier at the mcdonald’s in another town knows my deepest secrets but most of my closest friends don’t know anything about me until i’ve known them for 10 years at least. i wish i had a system but i’m just like that
    • Roughly 3 and a half minutes
    • They’ll know literally nothing about me until i’ve known them for 2 months max, at which point i will tell them literally my whole deal in one sitting
    • Like a week. just enough time to make sure they’re probably not gonna kill me
    • 500 years, and only in code
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    What Part Of Achilles Come Down Did You Attach To Like A Baby Koala For Reasons You Simply Can’T Explain

    • You crazy assed cosmonaut, remember your virtue, redemption lies plainly in truth
    • The self is not so weightless, nor whole and unbroken, remember the pact of our youth
    • Loathe the way they light candles in rome, but love the sweet air of the votives
    • Clothe yourself in beauty untold, and see life as a means to a triumph
    • Where you go, i’m going, so jump and i’m jumping, since there is no me without you
    • Today of all days, see, how the most dangerous thing is to love, how you will heal and you’ll rise above
    • It’s chaos, confusion and wholly unworthy of feeding, and it’s wholly untrue
    • You crave the applause, yet hate the attention, then miss it, your act is a ruse
    • Just “you dense mother/fucker/”
    • You may find no purpose nor a point for existing, it’s all just conjecture and gloom, and there may not be meaning, so find one and seize it
    • Every single one of the cut-ins from verse 5 (it’s not worth it, achilles / don’t listen, achilles / you’re worth more, achilles / so much more than a rat / no-one asked your opinion / no-one asked for your thoughts)
    • You want the acclaim, the mother of mothers, more poignant than fame or the taste of another
    • I don’t know what ur talking about stop showing me this shit these words are meaningless to me
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    Pick A Seasonal Vibe. Yeah This Is All Bullshit Deal With It.

    • Inside during winter. cuddled up in a hundred thousand blankets, hot drink in hand, doing absolutely nothing productive.
    • Autumn. a hot drink while out walking, a chilly breeze with a distinct nice smell, oversized clothes, feeling normal and functional just for a bit, watching the sun set, a thick fog in the morning, mush,, rooms
    • Outside during summer. staying in water as much as possible, playing and splashing like a kid, roasting in the sun, camping on the beach, resting between what’s just on the brink of being too much activity
    • Spring. watching the sun rise, listening to the birds outside, quiet nights, sudden blooms, colourful flowers that aren’t interesting until you really look, closing your eyes and feeling the sun softly on your face
    • Inside during summer. spreadeagled under the ac, listening hard to sounds outside, staying up until too-late at night, opening the windows as the night chill comes in and smelling the air
    • Outside during winter. wearing too many layers, yelling at your friends over the sound of wind, playing in the snow, laughing too much, cold slightly stinging your face
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    Pick A Crime

    • Tax fraud
    • Murder (justified)
    • Murder (unjustified)
    • Treason <3
    • Steal from billionaires
    • Arson
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    What Would You Do If You Wouldn’T Get Hurt / Die Doing It?

    • Kill the potus. if the guy didn’t have body guards i’d fuck his shit up so bad.
    • Eat every mushroom i see
    • Hug a grizzly bear. fucking look at them. i wanna hug the fuckers but id fucking die. who designed this system. it’s fucked up. i just wanna hug a grizzly bear.
    • Jump off a real high building or a cliff or something
    • Lie down in the middle of the road. i don’t even know why!! i don’t know why i wanna do it!! there’s no reason!!!
    • Drink cleaning products for fun
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    Pick A Weapon To Use Homoerotically

    • Sword
    • Gun
    • Bare hands
    • Brass knuckles
    • Knife
    • Baseball bat
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    Pick A School Of Magic

    • Abjuration
    • Necromancy
    • Evocation
    • Divination
    • Conjuration
    • Transmutation
    • Enchantment
    • Illusion
    • What the fuck is this nerd shit
    • Why would i have an opinion on this?
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    What’S Your Star Sign?

    • Gemini
    • Aquarius
    • Sagittarius
    • Leo
    • Cancer
    • Taurus
    • Aries
    • Pisces
    • Virgo
    • Scorpio
    • Libra
    • Capricorn
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    Pick A Mobile Game Ad Line

    • If you get 200 you’re legally skilled ??
    • Don’t play this in class ?
    • I can’t reach pink color ??
    • Only 3% can get it all right ???
    • ? why is this game so hard ??
    • Noob? pro?
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    Change Ur Appearance One Way But In A Way That’S Actually Cool And Not Bullshit Spread By A Culture Designed Around Getting Your Money

    • I want my eyes to be cooler. like have them change colour at will or have no pupils or glow or something
    • Horns motherfucker!! horns!!
    • I want my hair to be so unrealistically long.
    • Pointy ears!! i want pointy ears so bad!!!
    • Wings, dude. i don’t care if they work there is no reason to not want wings.
    • Famgs…. want fangs….

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