What kind of princess are you?


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    What is your favorite color?

    • Darkish colors
    • Black, like my soul.
    • PINK!
    • Bright colors.
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    Do you like to dress up?

    • Never. Put me in a dress and you will parish in fire.
    • Once in a while.
    • Sure. I don’t care.
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    Do you like to wear make-up?

    • If I have no choice I’ll wear some.
    • Once in a while. Not every day.
    • I’m obsessed.
    • Never.
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    What is your perfect guy?

    • A man that will protect and love me for me, not my kingdom.
    • A man as dark as my soul who loves me and I don’t care if he haws it.
    • A man that cares for me and treats me like one of the guys.
    • A man that is tough but still treats me like a woman.
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    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    • Love sucks.
    • Not really. I want to fall in love though.
    • YES! Love rocks.
    • Yeah, but I don’t now if it will happen to me.
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    What type of pet would you have?

    • A cat.
    • A dragon to kill my enemy’s. Burn them to a crisp.
    • A dog.
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    What type of party would you have for your sixteenth?

    • A small party. Invite some friends
    • I’ll invite some friends to eat and sleep-over.
    • If anyone goes anywhere near me, I’ll kill them.
    • A big party! Everyone is invited!
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    If your castle was under attack, what would you do?

    • I’m a princess! Let the guards deal with it.
    • Everyone in my path will die.
    • I’ll try to help, but I probably wouldn’t do much good.
    • I’ll hide but stay close.
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    What would your castle look like?

    • Nothing big. It wouldn’t be horrible.
    • All pimped out.
    • Can I just say screw it and live in hell?
    • It would be pretty cool. a little flashy.
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    Do you like being a princess?

    • LOVE IT!
    • I really don’t care.
    • It’s pretty cool.
    • I HATE IT!

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