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    What would you do if some person bumped into you?

    • Just walk off without any care
    • Say sorry and bow down your head
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    What would you usually talk about with your friends?

    • Nice things like nature
    • Tease them about their crushes
    • Food and drinks…basically necessities of life
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    Would you ever be friends with someone who is geeky nerdy like?

    • Never…
    • Don’t really care
    • Yes
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    How would you describe yourself?

    • Heartless
    • Hopeless
    • Pretty
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    Favourite sport

    • Soccer
    • Swimming
    • Dancing
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    Your type?

    • Someone handsome/pretty
    • Someone who has a big heart
    • Someone who will love only me
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    Favourite place

    • Beach
    • France
    • Park
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    Favourite time of the day?

    • Afternoon…it’s not dark
    • Evening, when you can see the sunset
    • Night, when the starts come out
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    Would die for someone?

    • Depends who the person is
    • No…
    • Yes
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    What do you do when your embarrassed?

    • I blush and try to hide it
    • Cover up my face and run
    • Blush and start shaking

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