What Nationality Are Your Manners?

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    Are you generally more on the formal or informal side?

    • Very informal
    • Quite informal
    • Formal
    • I can be very formal sometimes
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    When you greet someone, how long do you hold eye contact?

    • The whole time we’re talking!
    • For a little bit, but not long enough that the other person might feel uncomfortable
    • I haven’t really thought about it! I suppose it depends.
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    You’re invited to dinner at a friend’s house! Will you get there on time?

    • Yes, I’m always on time!
    • I’m sometimes a little bit late
    • Usually, but not always
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    You’ve just greeted someone that you don’t know. How easily could you get into conversation with him or her?

    • Very easily
    • Quite easily
    • Not very easily, or never
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    How careful are you not to appear to be boasting or bragging?

    • Very careful
    • I’m usually rather careful
    • I don’t often consciously avoid it
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    Smile and the whole world smiles with you? How often do you smile?

    • Pretty much all the time!
    • Most of the time
    • Quite often
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    A friend is introducing you to someone! Are you likely to seem reserved?

    • Yes, I am reserved
    • I can be a little reserved at times
    • Not at all!
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    Hello Mr. Smith, or Hi Joe? How quickly do you tend to begin calling people by their first name?

    • Very quickly
    • Pretty quickly
    • Reasonably quickly, depending on the context
    • It takes me quite a while to do this, in most contexts
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    No one actually likes trouble, but how actively do you actually try to avoid confrontation of any kind?

    • I don’t make a huge effort in this respect. If confrontation is necessary, it’s necessary
    • I generally try to avoid confrontation, when possible
    • I actively try to avoid confrontation all the time
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    Is time money? How punctual are you generally?

    • Very punctual. It’s very important to me! After all, time is money!
    • It’s important to be punctual
    • I’m often not very punctual
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    You and your friends get the check at the end of a meal. How do you pay?

    • Everyone pays for their own.
    • One of us takes it. We always take turns.
    • We just split it evenly.
    • Normally one of the men will pay.
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    Do you give a tip?

    • At least 15%-20%
    • I just round it up.
    • No. It’s not necessary to tip.
    • If the waiter or waitress was friendly, I’ll leave a dollar or two.
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    Someone you know has their birthday tomorrow. Do you go along even if you’ve not been invited?

    • No! Clearly they don’t want me there!
    • I’d probably find a way to get myself invited.
    • I would turn up anyway. The more, the merrier!
    • I would just go as another friend’s date.
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    Do you find standing very close to other people on public transport uncomfortable?

    • Sure! I need my space!
    • As long as I can still breathe, I’m fine.
    • That’s just the way it is sometimes. It wouldn’t bother me.
    • I normally avoid public transport whenever I can. I’d rather go by foot.
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    Do you think that men should open doors for women?

    • Nah. Women can open their own doors!
    • Of course. It’s important to be a gentleman!
    • If you know the person, it can be a nice gesture.

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