What Nickname Suits Your Personality?



It was observed that women who were skilled with their word-reading ability could take advantage of it when on high incomes than men. But women were also penalized for being “agreeable” where men weren’t. How such attributes are treated in the society eventually has an impact o the kinds of carer choice one makes along with influence on one’s income.

Our study looked at data on word-reading, working memory and matching symbols tests (cognitive skills); as well as conscientiousness, openness to experience, agreeableness, extroversion and emotional stability (psychological traits) from the Household, Income and Labor Dynamics in Australia survey (HILDA).

People were asked to repeat long strings of single-digit number in reverse order in the working memory test whereas candidates engaged in matching symbols to numbers within 90 seconds in the matching symbols test. Lastly in the word-reading test candidates were supposed to read 50 irregularly spelled words which were listed in the order of difficulty. As for the psychological traits, they were assessed by engaging the candidates in a self-assessment test where they were supposed to evaluate the degree to which a trait described them from “Does not describe me at all” to “Describes me very well”.

“Butterfly?” Will said. “Why Butterfly?”
“I believe it’s a term of great respect,” Selethen said gravely. He was very obviously not laughing. Too obviously, Will thought.
“It’s all right for you,” he said. “They called you ‘Hawk.’ Hawk is an excellent name. It’s warlike and noble. But….Butterfly?
Selethen nodded. “I agree that Hawk is an entirely suitable name. I assume it had to do with my courage and nobility of heart.
Halt coughed and the Arridi lord looked at him, eyebrows raised.
“I think it referred less to your heart and more to another part of your body,” Halt said mildly. He tapped his finger meaningfully along the side of his nose. It was a gesture he’d always wanted an opportunity to use, and this one was to good to miss. Selethen sniffed and turned away, affecting not to notice.”
― John Flanagan

“Horace, who had been trying to find out the meaning of Kurokuma for some time now, was pleased to hear the translation.
“Black bear,” he repeated. “It’s undoubtedly because I’m so terrible in battle.”
“I’d guess so,” Will put in. “I’ve seen you in battle and you’re definitely terrible.”
― John Flanagan, The Emperor of Nihon-Ja

“Sorry, Bex,” Jason said “You don’t have the recognizable facial characteristics – such as a huge chin, or a large amount of real estate between the eyes – that would merit the bestowing of a criminal mastermind nickname such as Lockjaw or Walleye. Whereas Crazytop here…well, just look at her.”

“Atleast I can blow-dry my hair straight,” I pointed out. “Which is more than what I can say for your nose, Hawkface.”
― Meg Cabot

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    What do you do on weekends?

    • Watch TV
    • Do some type of exercise
    • Get together with my friends
    • Nothing but sit by myself at home
    • Do homework
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    Do you like animals?

    • Yes, very much
    • No, not at all
    • Sort of
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    Do you consider yourself smart?

    • Yes, I’m a genius
    • No, I’m a dope
    • What does that mean?
    • I get by
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    which group contains the first letter of your name?

    • A-K
    • L-Q
    • R-V
    • W-Z
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    What time of day do you prefer?

    • Sunrise
    • Morning
    • Noon
    • Sunset
    • Night
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    Where do you live?

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    • In the country
    • In ‘No Where Ville’
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    What color is your hair?

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    • Blond
    • Red
    • None, I don’t have hair
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    What do you like to wear to school?

    • Baggy pants and a T-shirt
    • A dress
    • My uniform
    • Well fitting pants and a nice top
    • Whatever is clean
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    When you get home from school what do you do?

    • Run for the food
    • Do my homework
    • Talk on the phone
    • Clean the house
    • Brush my teeth
    • Anything

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