What percent alien are you?

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    What’s your favourite meal?

    • Beans on toast
    • Ice Cream on toast
    • Green goo on Toast
    • Green goo with a sprinkle of space debris
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    Do you like other people?

    • Yes, and I love hanging out with them!
    • Yes, they’re nice but I like to spend time alone too
    • They’re ok I guess
    • No, I do not understand their strange ways or customs
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    What’s your favourite planet?

    • Earth, of course! It has the best atmosphere
    • Mars looks kinda cool
    • Neptune – cold and blue, just how I like it
    • My home planet of Klllaaaarp
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    How many fingers do you have?

    • Er, ten? The normal amount?
    • Usually ten
    • Three on each hand, but they’re detachable
    • I don’t have fingers, just these tentacles
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    Where would you most like to go on holiday?

    • Spain! Sun, sea and sand!
    • A deep sea submarine trip
    • The Arctic – it’s a good temperature for my scaly skin
    • Area 51
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    What’s your favourite thing to do?

    • Play video games
    • Watching ET
    • Playing Popball, a sport from my home planet. I mean, town.
    • Fixing my spaceship
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    Pick a song

    • Old Town Road by Lil Nas X
    • Space Oddity by David Bowie
    • I’m the Urban Spaceman by The Bonzo Dog Doo Da Band
    • ET by Katy Perry
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    How do you stay in touch with your family?

    • I live with them
    • We video call, they live far away
    • Spacephone
    • We communicate telepathically, with our minds
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    How do you greet people?

    • Hey, guys
    • Wazzup
    • Hello, fellow earthlings
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    What’s your favorite pizza topping?

    • Plain cheese, sausage, or pepperoni
    • Pineapple
    • Sardines, bananas, candy corn, etc.
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    What’s your favorite band?

    • The Beatles
    • Panic at the Disco
    • The Blue Man Group
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    What’s your favorite animal?

    • Dogs/cats
    • Ferrets
    • Bigfoot
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    Can you do this?

    • No
    • Kinda
    • Yes
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    Do you often stare into the sky for no reason

    • Yesh
    • Nah
    • Uhhhh… *leaves site*

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