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    You have sprain in your leg and there’s a running race to be held. Will you participate in it?

    • Yes, for sure. The strain won’t stop my way.
    • Huh! How can I even think of participating when there’s strain?
    • I think I must not participate as my leg requires rest. I would just watch it.
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    When you are stuck in traffic what do you do?

    • Curse my luck
    • Thanks to God! At least I am alive
    • It’s okay to wait for some time.
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    What do you think about life every morning you wake up?

    • Life is full of problems and circumstances.
    • Life is a combination of pleasure and pain.
    • Life is a blessing.
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    Your friend gives you a sunflower on your birthday, but you wanted a marigold. How will you react?

    • Alas! I didn’t get what I wanted.
    • I’m happy with sunflowers as well.
    • It’s okay at least my friend gave me something.
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    You had planned a wonderful picnic but heavy rain made your plan flop. What will you do?

    • Oh! I enjoy rains. We will dance in the rain.
    • It’s okay. We will have our picnic some other day.
    • Yell- Huh! Why does the rain spoil my picnic only?
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    From your school, college or work, you got a lot of homework. What will you think?

    • Do not think about homework. Think about what will be exciting tomorrow.
    • I shall try my best to compete my homework.
    • Huh! How will I do so much of homework?
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    What do you do to live your life nicely?

    • Compare the negative aspects of life.
    • Compare the positive aspects of life
    • Do both of them.
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    If a glass is filled half with water, what will you call it?

    • It needs more water to be full.
    • Half empty.
    • Half full.
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    How often do you be negative?

    • Once in a month.
    • I don’t remember the last time I was negative.
    • Almost every day.
    • Once in a week.
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    Choose a face

    • Weeping
    • Laughing
    • Smiley

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