What Personality Type Are You?



I think this is one of the most important topics to discuss on the planet right now. So without further a do let us get started. There are many different personality types walking on our planet. If we take a closer look at the people we are surrounded by then you would get the idea. We might share the same physical attributes but yet we are so different. We think differently, walk differently, eat differently and make different choices.

Researchers believe that humans share personality types and there will be a group of people in this world who share the same trait as you. You might feel that it is not true but this is the truth. We have many like-minded people on this earth. If you don’t believe me then you could look at your friend circle. Most of your friends share common traits as you. There are many important and subtle things which influence when it comes to choosing friends. Personality is one of the most important aspects and it is considered subconsciously by almost everyone of us. If we are not naturally attracted to a person then you will not be his/her friend.

This is the truth and it is the reality that we all should accept. There are many different personality tests online which you could take if you want to know about it. Each of them names their types differently but essentially they are the same and I have come to the conclusion that yes it exists but it is also possible that you would see people with different personality types. It is such an interesting area to explore.I hope you liked my short article. If you have any insights then feel free to share it down in the comments section below. I will reply as soon as possible. Play the quiz as well and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

“Now that you’re an adult, you might still feel a pang of guilt when you decline a dinner invitation in favor of a good book. Or maybe you like to eat alone in restaurants and could do without the pitying looks from fellow diners. Or you’re told that you’re “in your head too much”, a phrase that’s often deployed against the quiet and cerebral.

Or maybe there’s another word for such people: thinkers.”
― Susan Cain

“The exaggerated dopamine sensitivity of the introvert leads one to believe that when in public, introverts, regardless of its validity, often feel to be the center of (unwanted) attention hence rarely craving attention. Extroverts, on the other hand, seem to never get enough attention. So on the flip side it seems as though the introvert is in a sense very external and the extrovert is in a sense very internal – the introvert constantly feels too much ‘outerness’ while the extrovert doesn’t feel enough ‘outerness’.”
― Criss Jami, Killosophy

“The average personality reshapes frequently, every few years even our bodies undergo a complete overhaul – desirable or not, it is a natural thing that we should change. All right, here were two people who never would change. That is what Mildred Grossman had in common with Holly Golightly. They would never change because they’d been given their character too soon; which, like sudden riches, leads to a lack of proportion: the one had splurged herself into a top-heavy realist, the other a lopsided romantic.”
― Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

“I see… the way you’re always searching. How much you hate anything fake or phony. How you’re older than your years, but still… playful, like a little girl. How you’re always looking into people, or wondering what they see when they look back at you. Your eyes. It’s all in the eyes.”
― Claudia Gray, A Thousand Pieces of You

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  • Question of

    What type of gathering do you prefer for a celebration?

    • Me and my favorite series
    • Twenty of my closest friends at a hip restaurant
    • A dinner party at someone’s home
    • One or two close friends at a quiet pub
  • Question of

    On your day off, how do you prefer to spend free time?

    • I like to fix things around the house.
    • I like to meet up with friends and go somewhere buzzing with activity.
    • I like to catch up on reading or journaling.
    • I like to work on a project.
  • Question of

    What do you feel like you need to get done before you can go play?

    • I need to finish my work for the day.
    • Nothing let’s go!
    • I’m perfectly happy to leave work unfinished in order to do something refreshing.
    • I need to finish tidying up my work space.
  • Question of

    How do you feel when you’re on stage in front of a crowd of people?

    • I feel like I should say something important, and I hope that it comes out right.
    • I’m in my element, and I feel full of energy.
    • I feel hot all over and want to hide in a hole.
    • I’d prefer not to be on stage, but I don’t mind sharing my knowledge.
  • Question of

    When someone opens up to you about their relationship with their father, what goes through your mind?

    • I wonder how I can help with this.
    • This would make a good movie scene.
    • I need to really listen this is important.
    • How can I get out of this conversation?
  • Question of

    How do see your role in your friend group?

    • I’m the cook.
    • I’m the ringleader.
    • I’m the listener.
    • I’m the problem-solver.
  • Question of

    What do you value most in a friend?

    • Someone who communicates well
    • Someone who is interested in my creative work
    • Someone who understands me on a deep level
    • Someone who is intellectually stimulating
  • Question of

    What is your ideal working environment, in terms of productivity?

    • An open floorplan where everyone can collaborate
    • A big table where everyone can discuss business
    • A quiet room with the door closed
    • A workshop
  • Question of

    If you have a deep disagreement with a good friend, how do you handle it?

    • I try to do something practical to show them I still care about our friendship.
    • I often have long, dramatic conversations trying to work it out.
    • I brood about it for a long time and then write a letter.
    • I try to say what I can to make the conflict go away.
  • Question of

    How do you recharge when you feel all dried up inside?

    • I work on something to give to a friend or family member.
    • I call a friend and go out on the town.
    • I go for a walk in the woods by myself.
    • I retreat to my workshop and plug away on a project.
  • Question of

    How do you when know you’re in love?

    • When we agree deeply about the essentials
    • I just know it as a gut feeling.
    • When we connect at a soul level
    • When we challenge each other’s minds
  • Question of

    How do you prefer to feel when you come to the end of a book?

    • I like to feel that everything has come to a satisfying conclusion.
    • I like to be deeply engaged in the emotions of the characters.
    • I like to feel my mind expanding with the questions asked by the story.
    • I like to consider the answer to a kind of riddle.
  • Question of

    How do you replenish your creative spirit?

    • Cooking for people
    • Singing karaoke
    • Writing poetry
    • Working on something mechanical
  • Question of

    What would you rather do on a Saturday night?

    • Have dinner with my family
    • Sing in a concert
    • Go to a movie by myself
    • Work on a puzzle
  • Question of

    How do you prefer to interact with dogs?

    • I like to take them for a walk.
    • I like to play catch with them.
    • I like to hold them in my lap.
    • I like to keep them at a distance.

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