What popular song fits you?

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    Your friend is feeling sad because their parents just got divorced. What is your reaction?

    • Give them advice for what to do next
    • Cry with them
    • Tell them to suck it up. Everyone has problems
    • Give them a box of chocolate and hope they feel better
    • Throw a party for them
    • Sugarcoat it and tell them that it’s no big deal
    • Ignore them
    • I don’t have friends
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    You are…

    • Daring
    • Selfless
    • Compassionate
    • Social
    • Optimistic
    • …an idiot?
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    Which movie genre is your favorite?

    • Romance/drama
    • Action/adventure
    • Family/comedy
    • Horror/sad
    • Other
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    Which music genre is your favorite?

    • Rap/hip hop
    • Pop
    • Country
    • Classical
    • Rock
    • Christian
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    What is your favorite color?

    • Black
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Pink
    • White
    • Green
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    If you were to spend all day somewhere, where would you go?

    • An amusement park
    • In bed with a book or a tv
    • Anywhere with friends
    • Anywhere alone
    • Your favorite restaurant
    • A zoo or museum
    • A concert by your favorite artist
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    Are you an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?

    • Introvert
    • Extrovert
    • Ambivert
    • Idk
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    What do you hate the most?

    • Family activities
    • Spicy food
    • Spiders
    • Heights
    • Small spaces
    • Being alone
    • Being ignored
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    When you’re alone and you have nothing to do, how long does it take for you to get bored with yourself?

    • Less than 5 minutes
    • 5-15 minutes
    • 15-30 minutes
    • 30 minutes to an hour
    • Over an hour
    • Over 3 hours
    • Over 8 hours
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    What would your reaction be if I told you this is the last question?

    • Finally!
    • Aww
    • Umm…ok..?
    • *shrugs*
    • I want my results peasant
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    Crap! You have to plan the prom/dance for this year! What is your first idea?

    • The loudest rock band I can find, cussing yelling and loud noises, I think I might like this year’s prom/dance because I am designing it my way!
    • I can’t plan the prom! I will never make it through, I mean with all the problems I am having, I am still completely heart broken! 🙁
    • I’ll do everything and anything, live band, lots of decorationg, and of course great food.
    • Ummm… pass, this just won’t turn out well, trust me, I can’t even plan what I am going to eat for a snack. (gulp)
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    What will be your start off job?

    • Definatly a music store, I will teach those clasical music listenin’ nerds what good music sound like!
    • Well, i can’t say for sure, anything but a wedding planner or other planning crap like that!
    • Well, it’s not like I am a stalker but I’d just get a job where my ex is working at that way I can keep a watchful eye on him and other girls.
    • I’d make my own business! Won’t that be fun!
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    What would you like to do for a date?

    • I am not dating! Are you kidding! I am not risking another heartbreak! Plus, I still think I can win my ex back.
    • Me and dating, are you kidding! I just ain’t a dater, nothing personal to the person who asked me but it will be a disaster.
    • It doesn’t matter, I just want to be with them,and doin’ whatever we want.
    • Three words: TERRORIZING THE CITY!
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    Pick a random word…

    • Whoopsies…
    • Heartbreak…
    • C’mon
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    So, what is your stereotype?

    • MYSELF, I don’t like to be caterogized
    • Emo, in a way, you know just depressed, goth might work but I used to be prep/popular
    • Punk man!
    • I guess I am fairly nerdy, in a way, i guess… I don’t know!

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