Which Riverdale Teen are you?



Riverdale is one of the most fascinating series I had ever seen. There are many iconic characters on that show. The story is basically about a young group who were busy in their normal life handling school, family, and romance get entangled in the mysteries of Riverdale. There are many interesting twists and turns in the story.

One thing which amazes me is the fact that while still being a fiction story seems to be very realistic and thought provoking. There are many other things that caught my attention when the series ended. The show was also awesome for the fact that the characters were neither absolute angels or devils. They were somewhere in between and were more real like. It increases the relatability factor of the story. There are also many lessons which one could learn from the show.

For example, we should not be too greedy as it may prove harmful for us. There are also minor subplots in the story which seems very coherent with the actual story. While it is also true that since it was a series spanning over several seasons the show had time to tell about the characters very well. There were many different things which we could infer from the storyline. It is also shown that we even have multiple characters withing ourselves and that we should recognize them.

We should introspect them for a moment and we would know the true fact. There are many other things which we should have known while we are watching the show. The show had some minor flaws like the dress code of the characters could be a bit more normal.
“I cannot help but wonder if any parents ever actually schedule in adolescent drama on their day planners. Looks like a slow week, Sarah. I guess I can pencil in your eating disorder.”
Huntley Fitzpatrick, My Life Next Door

“I’d rather feel something for real than pretend it’s not what it is. Which Zen guy said “If you want to drown, do not torture yourself with shallow water”?”
A.S. King, Please Ignore Vera Dietz

“It is often advantageous to forget. Forget your wincing humiliations, forget life’s blows, and get on. For blocks in every direction, down every street in the city, people not yet old enough to have lines on their foreheads were laughing away memory, warmly ensconced in shrines of forgetfulness. Those who followed the word of God and those who preferred what the priests called “hoodoo” alike. People everywhere forgetting with drink or forgetting with religion or forgetting with the numbing quality of their many heaps of things. They looked forward and imagined rosy tomorrows, and gave up whatever horrors heckled their dreams, and listened to the pretty stories of whomever ruled their pulpit.”
Anna Godbersen, Bright Young Things

“Tie me up, please…” Chantal said. They looked above at some vines and roots hanging down from the grassy area above the depression in the canal they were standing in. She was in his hands—he had to comply.
Jess C Scott, Catholic School Girls Rule

“Prison for the crime of puberty — that was how secondary school had seemed.”
David Brin, Earth

“While Owen and Miles talk sports, I people watch. And this is what I see: teenagers trying to act like adults. Or how they think adults act. But mostly they look ridiculous, and I wonder what they don’t want to do something that’s more fun than drinking, smoking, flirting, and making out. Why are those activities considered to be fun?”
Melody Carlson, Just Another Girl

“Before you leave here, Sir, you’re going to learn that one of the most brutal things in the world is your average nineteen-year-old American boy.”
Philip Caputo, A Rumor Of War

“He felt a little lost, after that experience. Lost as the girls on their knees. It was a never-ending story of young girls losing themselves, such that they were no longer humans with any souls or characters, but pretty girls with fat asses and nice tits.”
Jess C Scott, Take-Out, Part 1

“Things began to go wrong when I was seventeen. My band’s twenty-year-old lead guitarist earned seven years in jail for a drug-fuelled spree of violence. The other band members were quick to let go of their musical dreams, but I never did. They did the ‘mature’ thing: after writing off the band as a teenage fantasy, they got real jobs and made some money. They called it growing up. I called it giving up.”
Mark Rice, Metallic Dreams

“Life is a process during which one initially gets less and less dependent, independent, and then more and more dependent.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop

“All Julie has to do is explain to her friends that she’s using it to individually seal each item that she throws out.”
Lee Goldberg, That Thing About You

“All great men have been rebels. All great men were free. It is the only formula for greatness. To be stuck in the state of adolescence.”
Abhaidev, Alice on the Outside

“Do you ever wear leather?” the guy asks.
Eric Bishop-Potter Stay Awake

“Sexually active? Sexually
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, The End of the Fucking World

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  • Question of

    Everyone in Riverdale has secrets, so what is yours?

    • I’m in love with someone that I should not be with.
    • I have too many to count.
    • I have a very dark side.
    • My secrets are keeping other people’s secrets.
  • Question of

    What would you order at Pop’s diner?

    • A hotdog
    • Chocolate cake
    • Apple pie
    • Pizza
  • Question of

    Which of these milkshakes would you drink?

    • Banana
    • Chocolate
    • Strawberry
    • Vanilla
  • Question of

    Who do you think murdered Jason Blossom?

    • I really don’t know
    • I think that FP did it
    • A Southside Serpent
    • I’ll let you know when i finish my paper
  • Question of

    Who do you have a crush on?

    • My teacher
    • The hottest person in school
    • My neighbor
    • My friend
  • Question of

    What are you attracted to?

    • I can’t really pick one answer
    • A wealthy person
    • A great personality
    • A good heart
    • A powerful person
  • Question of

    Which word best describes you?

    • Creative
    • Independent
    • Sweet
    • Sarcastic
  • Question of

    What is the most important thing to you?

    • My friends
    • Doing the right thing
    • My family
    • Being happy
  • Question of

    What is your worst quality?

    • I am naive
    • I am rude
    • I am very emotional
    • I can be standoffish
  • Question of

    What do you do when someone wrongs you?

    • Get physical
    • Stand up for myself
    • Get them back
    • Brush it off but never forget
  • Question of

    Your dream job is to be what?

    • A musician
    • A doctor
    • An actor/actress
    • An engineer
  • Question of

    What are you doing on a Friday night?

    • Hanging out with friends
    • Watching a movie with my family
    • Doing homework
    • Writing in my journal
  • Question of

    Who would you take to the prom?

    • Archie
    • Veronica
    • Betty
    • Jughead
  • Question of

    Which of the Riverdale parents is most similar to yours?

    • Fred Andrews
    • Hermione Lodge
    • Alice Cooper
    • FP Jones
  • Question of

    If you lived in Riverdale, what business would your parents own?

    • A fashion company
    • A newspaper
    • A security company
    • A construction company

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