Which Riverdale Teen are you?

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    Everyone in Riverdale has secrets, so what is yours?

    • I’m in love with someone that I should not be with.
    • I have too many to count.
    • I have a very dark side.
    • My secrets are keeping other people’s secrets.
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    What would you order at Pop’s diner?

    • A hotdog
    • Chocolate cake
    • Apple pie
    • Pizza
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    Which of these milkshakes would you drink?

    • Banana
    • Chocolate
    • Strawberry
    • Vanilla
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    Who do you think murdered Jason Blossom?

    • I really don’t know
    • I think that FP did it
    • A Southside Serpent
    • I’ll let you know when i finish my paper
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    Who do you have a crush on?

    • My teacher
    • The hottest person in school
    • My neighbor
    • My friend
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    What are you attracted to?

    • I can’t really pick one answer
    • A wealthy person
    • A great personality
    • A good heart
    • A powerful person
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    Which word best describes you?

    • Creative
    • Independent
    • Sweet
    • Sarcastic
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    What is the most important thing to you?

    • My friends
    • Doing the right thing
    • My family
    • Being happy
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    What is your worst quality?

    • I am naive
    • I am rude
    • I am very emotional
    • I can be standoffish
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    What do you do when someone wrongs you?

    • Get physical
    • Stand up for myself
    • Get them back
    • Brush it off but never forget
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    Your dream job is to be what?

    • A musician
    • A doctor
    • An actor/actress
    • An engineer
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    What are you doing on a Friday night?

    • Hanging out with friends
    • Watching a movie with my family
    • Doing homework
    • Writing in my journal
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    Who would you take to the prom?

    • Archie
    • Veronica
    • Betty
    • Jughead
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    Which of the Riverdale parents is most similar to yours?

    • Fred Andrews
    • Hermione Lodge
    • Alice Cooper
    • FP Jones
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    If you lived in Riverdale, what business would your parents own?

    • A fashion company
    • A newspaper
    • A security company
    • A construction company

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