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Most parts of the world has four seasons, each different from the other with their own pattern of weather, differing hours of sunlight, long and short day and night times. Summer being the hottest season has the highest temperature. Even when the sun goes down one can feel the heat. Many trees and plants grow fruits bring this season, mango being the prominent one. People usually wear cotton clothes that absorb the sweat. People also prefer going out to beaches and places to relax at instead of staying at home. During summer days are longer and nights shorter. In Autumn days start getting shorter and temperature starts decreasing. In certain areas rainfall start increasing which eventually lead to loss of chlorophyll in deciduous trees because of which leaves start drying and become red which eventually start falling from the trees. Many animals go in hibernation during this season.

Then comes the winter, the coldest season of the year. The nights are longer and days shorter and as the temperature decreases people prefer staying inside their homes and wear warm clothes which prevent the cold from reaching their body. Plants and animals are very inactive during this season as there is less sunlight preventing plants from growing and majority of animals go in hibernation in order to save their energy which will help them survive the cold. The temperature decreases to the extent where it starts freezing the moisture in the air to ice and snow. After the inactivity in the winter, comes the Spring which brings the life to the landscape. There is a drastic change in the weather making trees and plants grow, and animals come out of hibernation. Birds and animals start breeding and there are blossoms on the trees. Spring is quite the unpredictable season as it can be wet one minute and dry the other.

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