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    Would making your girlfriend feel loved make you happy?

    • Of course; she’s my world!
    • Girlfriend or boyfriend, if they’re happy, I’m happy
    • Giving anyone happiness would bring me joy, not just a girlfriend or a boyfriend
    • I wouldn’t have a girlfriend
    • Pleasing her would make me happy
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    What would your friends think if you told them you were a lesbian?

    • We’re SO not shocked because you like literally everyone – it doesn’t matter at ALL
    • “You know, I did have my suspicions – that explains a lot!”
    • No offense, but that’s impossible
    • “We already knew – you’re about as straight as a slinky!”
    • “Well, I always knew you had a little gay in you, but I’m still surprised”
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    Finally, what result would NOT come as a shock to you?

    • Pansexual – I’ve never had a preference, really
    • Bisexual – I’ve always felt an equal attraction to males and females, though it might change sometimes
    • Straight – I have no interest in my same gender
    • Bi-curious: I’m into guys, but maybe once in a blue moon, I want a girl with me
    • Lesbian – girls and only girls are what get me off
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    Imagine yourself having sex with the partner of your dreams. What are you imagining?

    • An attractive guy, or maybe a girl. But she has to fit strict criteria
    • An attractive guy
    • Just a girl – I’m not interested in men being in my bed
    • A guy or a girl – both seem great to me
    • Anyone! I don’t have a preference of sex or gender; so long as I’m attracted, I don’t care what they identify as
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    In any TV show, what kind of characters do you ship the most?

    • Cinderella & Prince Charming is always my first ship
    • Usually a cute straight couple captures my heart, but maybe a same-sex couple could, too
    • Whoever is good together
    • Are you kidding? The cutest couples are always gay
    • I have an equal amount of straight and same-sex ships
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    Which of these pops into your head when you’re horny?

    • I don’t care – anyone is great. I don’t care what you have down there or what you identify as
    • I could so do a threesome right now
    • Any other gender – I’ve never fantasized about mine
    • Both sexes, because both are good
    • Girls are hot
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    Which future do you most expect yours to be like?

    • Living happily ever after with my Romeo (except hopefully we’re not dead)
    • I want to be with the girl of my dreams
    • Being with anyone I can devote my life to, whether they’re male, female or nonbinary. I just want a stable relationship
    • Owning a place with either a male or a female partner
    • I want to live with my boyfriend – or my girlfriend, but that might be harder
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    A guy you’re close with and used to have a crush on asks you out. Your reaction?

    • No way, José! I’m not into your kind
    • Ehh, why not? Doesn’t hurt to try
    • Oh my God, yes!
    • OK. I might develop a crush on your sister too, though, so watch out
    • Sure, as long as you’re serious about it
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    A beautiful and talented girl you’re close with asks you out. Your reaction?

    • Yes! As long as we’re compatible
    • I’ll think about it
    • I’m flattered; of course! Don’t mind me blushing over here
    • I’d love to give it a try
    • Sorry, but no. *Shudders*
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    Would you get butterflies if a hot guy asked you out?

    • Definitely not
    • Yes, but it could be that way for a girl, too
    • I don’t care who you are – if you’re hot, I’ll definitely feel something
    • For sure!
    • Yes
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    What kind of porn do you/would you watch?

    • Boy/boy/girl
    • Girl/boy
    • Girl/girl
    • I literally do not care at all. No preference from me
    • Girl/girl/boy

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