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The word “feminism” has been misunderstood for the longest of time despite of feminists repeatedly  stating what it means. This misinterpretation often seems quiet intentional as despite of constantly insisting that feminism stands for gender equality it is often misunderstood as something that involves hating men and considering women superior. As the approach of stating what it is has not worked out so well, it becomes necessary to state what it is not.


  1. The Belief That Women Are Superior

As mentioned earlier, a large group of people consider feminism as celebration of womanhood and establishment of their superiority. But to be honest, if you pay attention closely to felinity as a construct you will figure out that there is not much to celebrate. Being a woman has much more of disadvantages than advantages. Higher risk of sexual abuse, economical disadvantage, intimate partner violence and denial of basic human rights in several places along with a bunch of other negative things sum up the experience of women. General stereotype of feminism is considered that women consider men as inferior being, but in reality feminism says that being a woman or gender non-conforming person should be as good as being a man but currently, it isn’t.

  1. That Someone Has Negative Views Of Men

The major misinterpretation of feminism is that it promotes the idea of men being bad. On the contrary feminism literally stands against all such generalisations. Men being aggressive, impulsive, harsh and dominating is one of many cultural stereotypes that feminism aims to fight. Hating on men is a completely different thing which is know as misandry which men stand against. Along with that feminism also realises that men has certain privilege which can be used for good or bad depending upon the choice they make. Just like any other social justice movement, feminism stands for helping the marginalised and the ones who are more harmed. The current state is the one where men have more power, which means they are more likely to harm and the only aim of feminism is to dismantle that power not to hurt men but to avoid them from hurting others.

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  • Question of

    Would you rather wear a skirt or pants to work?

    • A skirt, but not a tight suit-like one
    • Very tailored ankle suit pants
    • I’d rather wear a wrap dress.
    • A full tailored suit
  • Question of

    How often do you get dolled up to go out?

    • Rarely, I just like to be comfortable.
    • It doesn’t hurt to do it every once in a while.
    • Once or twice a week! It’s romantic.
    • I wouldn’t say ‘dolled up’ but I love doing a little more than usual.
  • Question of

    Where can one find you at the mall?

    • Shopping for bathing suits
    • At a gothic store looking for new band shirts
    • Looking at jewelry
    • Hitting up my favorite store seeing what’s new
  • Question of

    What would you say is the correlation between style and personality?

    • I think they go exactly hand in hand.
    • Style can be just one facet of your personality that you want people to see.
    • Personality is who we are, style is who we want to be.
    • Your personality is what gives way to your style.
  • Question of

    Do you try to emulate the style of others?

    • No way, I am my own style inspiration.
    • I do look to others I admire to see what they think is cool.
    • I have a few people I go to for inspiration, but I don’t copy.
    • Yes, all the time.
  • Question of

    Is putting together outfits with jewelry, shoes and other accessories something you enjoy?

    • It’s not a priority.
    • All of my stuff is pretty much the same so not much putting together needed.
    • It’s one of the ways I show my creativity and individuality.
    • I do! And there’s so much to choose from it gets really fun.
  • Question of

    Are you the kind of person that other people go to for fashion advice?

    • Yes, but I don’t have much to offer.
    • Maybe a very long time ago, but not anymore.
    • Sometimes, if that person shares a similar style.
    • Frequently! I love giving it, too.
  • Question of

    When torn between two outfit options, how do you choose which one you’ll ultimately go for?

    • Whichever one feels the most me at the time
    • Whatever is the cleanest
    • The one that I think my partner will like the best
    • The one that will bring the most likes on Instagram
  • Question of

    It’s date night! What are you wearing?

    • A loose fitting maxi dress
    • A body-con dress and high heels
    • A sweet eyelet dress and wedges
    • Dark skinny jeans and a loose blouse with fun jewelry
  • Question of

    What’s your favorite summer vacation outfit?

    • Bikini and high waisted shorts
    • Pretty much the same stuff I wear all year round, just summer versions
    • A beach coverup and sandals
    • Crop top and shorts
  • Question of

    Are you one to don bright colors, or do you keep thinks muted?

    • I don’t mind bright colors, whatever makes me feel good.
    • Muted, and I prefer darker colors.
    • I like pastels and neutrals.
    • Mixing in pops of color can really set you apart.
  • Question of

    If you had to describe your own look in one word, what word out of the below choices would it be?

    • Comfortable
    • Rocker-chic
    • Adorkable
    • Fashionable
  • Question of

    For the cooler months, what does your go-to jacket look like?

    • A quilted jacket with lots of pockets
    • A bomber jacket with fur trim
    • Insulated and water proof trench coat
    • Long wool peacoat
  • Question of

    What does your home decor look like?

    • Very relaxed and lived-in
    • Dark with hints of metal and exposed brick
    • Light colors, soft textiles
    • Tufted furniture, gold accents, light walls
  • Question of

    Which city do you think fits your style personality the best?

    • Los Angeles, but the cool part not the uppity part
    • Berlin, Germany
    • Paris, France
    • Classic New York City

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