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Sarah Michelle Gellar

Another hugely famous actress and well-known TV star who learned to live frugally thanks to her difficult upbringing is Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Gellar, whose father left the family when she was a young child (the huge star credits her mother with teaching her to live modestly) isn’t ashamed of using coupons and striving to get the best deal wherever she shops.


When she’s not busy saving the world from encroaching vampires — or, more often these days, being a mother to her two kids — the actor told Self magazine that she frequently uses coupons and regularly buys fish at Whole Foods only while it’s on sale. “I use coupons all the time. Why should you pay more for something that someone else is paying less for?” she proudly told the magazine.


Tyra Banks

It’s difficult to imagine the self-styled multi-hyphenate business mogul, supermodel, Harvard Business School grad, and creator of “smizing” as a simple-living, regular person. In reality, Tyra Banks learned a lot from her mother, who traveled with her and assisted in Banks’ early career as a model, instilling in her life lessons about making money last as long as possible.


In a 2008 interview with The New York Times, the model-turned-businesswoman openly described herself as “frugal.” As a kid, Banks confessed to saving a little bit from her weekly allowance and admitted that her only real indulgences these days are food (notably, trips to The Cheesecake Factory) and luxury toiletries (she’s been known to stock-pile fancy hotel soaps). Banks even admitted to Forbes that she often asks her accountant whether she can afford to buy something, which seems crazy for a woman worth an estimated $90 million.


Dave Grohl


He’s a member of two of the biggest rock bands of all time, but Dave Grohl still lives like a jobbing musician — albeit without traveling around the country in a rickety old van. Although his stints with Nirvana and the Foo Fighters have netted him a cool $225 million, Grohl is still fearful of spending too much, too fast.


In a 2003 interview (via Business Insider), Grohl confessed that, in spite of having plenty of money to live off, he’s “afraid to spend it.” The multi-instrumentalist and hugely popular rock singer is reportedly wary of ending up broke because he never got his high school diploma. The lack of a safety net makes Grohl cautious about his considerable wealth, particularly as he has a family to take care of (three kids to date). As long as the Foos continue selling out arenas worldwide, however, he has no real reason to worry about his career slowing down any time soon.


Zooey Deschanel


She starred on a hugely successful TV show, but New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel hasn’t let her considerable success get to her head. Deschanel may have been raking in a massive $125,000 per episode but she has been anything but flashy. Court documents, revealed to tabloids in the midst of her 2012 divorce from Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard, showcased a frugal, careful spender with eyes firmly set on securing her future.


The financial report showed that, although the actor was bringing in almost a hundred grand per month at the time, her expense sheet totaled just $22,500 (around 25 percent of her monthly income), including less than $1,000 in utility bills, with another two grand dedicated to charitable donations. On top of this, nearly half of her total assets were safely held in bank accounts, with the rest spread out across stocks, bonds, and real estate. Meanwhile, her three credit cards each boasted a zero balance — not bad for someone who could easily afford to max them all out each month without feeling the slightest pinch.

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    Which word best describes you?

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    • Rebellious.
    • Calm.
    • Selfish.
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    • Jewel tones.
    • Dark colors.
    • Neutral colors.
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    • A strong will.
    • Free-spiritedness.
    • Intelligence.
    • Cunning.
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    • Hang out with friends.
    • Go to a comedy show.
    • Read a book.
    • Go to the movies.
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    If you had to choose one superpower, what would you choose?

    • Telekinesis.
    • Mind reading.
    • The ability to fly.
    • Shapeshifting.
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    What kind of animals do you like?

    • Woodland creatures.
    • Canines.
    • Felines.
    • Rodents.
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    What would you use your animagus form for?

    • To help others.
    • To pull pranks on people.
    • To be free.
    • To spy on people.
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    If you were an animal, where would you want to live?

    • In a forest.
    • In a cave.
    • In a castle.
    • In the city.
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    • Completely ignored.
    • Followed.
    • Be kept in mind.
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    • Gryffindor.
    • Slytherin.
    • Ravenclaw.
    • Hufflepuff.

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