What should your name really be? Girls Only!


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    What is your go-to phrase?

    • “Heyyyyyy”
    • “Hey Girl Hey!”
    • “What up”
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    What kind of powers do you want?

    • The power to give water and food to those in poverty.
    • Any power where I can give to the poor
    • The power to be really smart
    • The power to stop people from being hurtful
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    What is your favorite type of music?

    • Instrumental
    • Electro-pop
    • Rock music
    • Love songs
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    What is your favorite planet?

    • Saturn
    • I don’t care if it’s a planet or not, but the moon
    • Venus
    • Earth, duhhhh
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    If you could be any celebrity for a day, who would you choose?

    • Lady Gaga
    • Harry Styles
    • Justin Bieber
    • Beyonce
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    Do you personally like your real name?

    • Sort of
    • No!
    • Not really
    • Heck yeah
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    Why did you take this quiz?

    • I don’t like my name and want a new one
    • A friend sent it to me
    • I want to know what my name really should be
    • I don’t know
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    What are a few words on how YOU would describe YOURSELF?

    • Pure
    • Kind
    • Smart
    • Protective
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    How would your friends describe you?

    • Pure and fun
    • Protective
    • Graceful
    • Wise
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    What is your favorite color?

    • Yellow
    • Black or other
    • Red
    • Blue

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