Which singer are you mostly like?



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    What is your fav song out of these four?

    • Only- Nicki Minaj
    • Blown Away- Carrie Underwood
    • Take Me To Church- Hozier
    • I Don’t Mind- Usher
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    Okay, do you think you can even sing good?

    • Yes, duh!
    • No, but i try
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    Who do you think sings better?

    • Lorde
    • Queen B
    • Bruno Mars
    • J.T
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    Which is your fav instrument?

    • Ukulele
    • Your voice
    • Guitar
    • Piano
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    Favorite band?

    • Or None
    • Imagine Dragons
    • One Direction
    • 5SOS
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    This maybe a little off topic but i gotta know

    • black
    • green
    • rainbow
    • or you hate colors
    • blue
    • orange
    • gold
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    Who would you want to marry?

    • Katy Perry
    • Jay Z
    • Ed Sheeran
    • Rihanna
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    Last one, what is your fav genre?

    • Pop
    • Country
    • Rap
    • Alternative
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    Whats your fave color?

    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Pink or purple
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    What do you like to do during spare time?

    • Excercise
    • Yay movies
    • Read book the more knowledge the better
    • Draw i like colors
    • Nothing i dont have spare time
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    Whats your fave place/ city?

    • New york
    • Brazil
    • California
    • France
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    Whats your fave candy?

    • Skittles
    • Hershy’s
    • Butterfinger
    • Starburst
    • I dont like any of them!
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    Fave car to have?

    • Mustang
    • Toyota
    • Porche
    • Lexus

What is your Sex personality?

How well do you know disney?