What Taste Are You?



Hey there guys. How was your day? I hope you all are doing well. Today we will be discussing an important topic What taste are you? Taste is that one thing which is very important to human beings. It is said that we humans could distinguish between thousands of tastes. There are many things which should be considered when we are talking about taste.

There are many different types of tastes and there are many interesting facts which are related to taste. If you want to know more about your taste then you need to work on finding your taste. I personally love sweet dishes. In India especially we love very spicy foods. Indian food is known to be very spicy. People from the West have a hard time adjusting to Indian food. I am talking for those who had settled in India. I know that percentage of people are very less but yeah they are there. While for the Indians settled in Western countries they also face the same issue. They also have a very hard time adjusting to non-spicy food.

To say the least every country is different and all the cultures have very different food habits. Yeah, there would be many countries who would have similar food habits but for the most part it is different. Taste is a very subjective thing in my opinion. A food which is tasty for me might not be the same for you. It is what makes humans different. There will be many people who also have altered sense of taste and they may love some obscure food items which the average Joe might not have ever heard of. If you want to know more about taste then you could google it.

I hope you liked my short article. If you have any insights into the topic then feel free to share it down into the comments section below. Play the quiz as well and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. I hope to see you in my next article.

“Ooh, you look much tastier than Crabbe and Goyle, Harry” said Hermione, before catching sight of Ron’s raised eyebrows, blushing slightly and saying “oh you know what I mean – Goyle’s Potion looked like bogies.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

“You can’t hurt me the way you think you can. But even if you could? I would rather die with the taste of you on my tongue than live and never touch you again. I’m in love with you, Mara. I love you. No matter what you do.”
― Michelle Hodkin, The Evolution of Mara Dyer

“The paintings of Francis Bacon to my eye are very beautiful. The paintings of Bosch or Goya are to my eye very beautiful. I’ve also stood in front of those same paintings with people who’ve said, ‘let’s get on to the Botticellis as soon as possible.’ I have lingered, of course.”
― Clive Barker

“A child’s reading is guided by pleasure, but his pleasure is undifferentiated; he cannot distinguish, for example, between aesthetic pleasure and the pleasures of learning or daydreaming. In adolescence we realize that there are different kinds of pleasure, some of which cannot be enjoyed simultaneously, but we need help from others in defining them. Whether it be a matter of taste in food or taste in literature, the adolescent looks for a mentor in whose authority he can believe. He eats or reads what his mentor recommends and, inevitably, there are occasions when he has to deceive himself a little; he has to pretend that he enjoys olives or War and Peace a little more than he actually does. Between the ages of twenty and forty we are engaged in the process of discovering who we are, which involves learning the difference between accidental limitations which it is our duty to outgrow and the necessary limitations of our nature beyond which we cannot trespass with impunity.

“The Countess was considerably younger than her husband. All of her clothes came from Paris (this was after Paris) and she had superb taste. (This was after taste too, but only just. And since it was such a new thing, and since the Countess was the only lady in all Florin to posses it, is it any wonder she was the leading hostess in the land?)”
― William Goldman, The Princess Bride

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    Pick a smell

    • Fresh Tulips
    • Zesty Lemon
    • Pumpkin Pie
  • Question of

    Pick a sound

    • Chirping Birds
    • Ocean Waves
    • Laughing Children
  • Question of

    Do You Like the Color Blue?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Who care? I like important stuff like tacos and beer.
  • Question of

    Do you like raw onions?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Only in a salad.
  • Question of

    Pick a sensation

    • Comfort
    • Energized
    • Light
  • Question of

    Do you like baking?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes, on a cozy rainy day.
  • Question of

    Do you like dance music?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Once in awhile
  • Question of

    Do you have a quick temper?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Once a month!
  • Question of

    Do you laugh often?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Does rolling my eyes count?
  • Question of

    Do you cry more than once a week?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I hold back tears every time I have to deal with dumb people.
  • Question of

    What kind of humor do you find funniest?

    • Good, lighthearted humor
    • I like long jokes
    • Making fun of people
    • Sarcastic/dark/dry
    • other stuff
  • Question of

    From one of these, how would you describe the way you dress?

    • Childish/Adorable/Nerdy
    • Trendy
    • Emo
    • Sloppy
    • Athletic
    • Classy
  • Question of

    Why do people like you?

    • I’m relatable
    • I’m positive
    • I’m genuine
    • I’m easygoing
    • I’m innocent
    • I’m kind
    • I’m exciting
    • Idk
  • Question of

    Which taste do you prefer?

    • Sweet
    • Savory
    • Bitter/Sour
    • Salty
  • Question of

    Skirts or pants?

    • Skirts
    • Pants
    • I like both equally

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