What type of a guy are you most into?

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    You are at a party, when suddenly, a very attractive boy walks over to you and says that you are the hottest girl he has ever seen. What do you say?

    • ‘Thanks. You’re pretty hot yourself. Call me sometime.’
    • You laugh (not in a mean way) and say ‘Thanks, but I’m not really interested right now.’
    • You don’t reply. That statement won’t get him into a good college…
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    You see a guy with lot’s and lot’s and lot’s… and lots… wow this is tiring… and lot’s of money. He just updated his Facebook status saying that he was single. What do you do?

    • You don’t know the guy. Maybe you’ll get to know him, but you’re not going to date anyone just because of their money.
    • If he is hot, I’ll flirt with him.
    • I’ll do whatever I can to get him to notice me, probably by impressing him with how smart you are.
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    A very nice boy comes up to you. You two are already friends. He smiles and tells you a funny joke to make you laugh. Then he asks you out on a date. Yes or no.

    • Yes, because he is very nice to you and you have always secretly liked him!
    • Yes, to get to know him a bit better, like his plans for the future.
    • No, because I need eye candy, not a ‘good sense of humor’.
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    You are asked to the prom by three different guys! I know, it is so tough to be you! Who do you say yes to?

    • Steven, he is a genius and will have a great future ahead of him. Plus, he is class president!
    • Alex, he is the sweetest guy you will meet and can make anybody laugh.
    • Marc, he rolls with the ladies and has a very athletic body.
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    The guy who you have had a crush on since 2nd grade just updated his status to taken. He and his girlfriend are always together, every free period they are doing something romantic. What do you do?

    • Move on and find another academically talented prodigy. (Do you even know what that means?)
    • Remain his friend and find someone else. But don’t rush.
    • Find out a way to impress the guy, win him over, and pull a massive prank on his girlfriend.
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    You are attending your best friend’s birthday party on Saturday, but the guy of your dreams finally asks you out on that same day. You…

    • Oh, boy. Good thing this only a quiz… I’ll make it up to m best friend later.
    • Ask your best friend if you can invite him to the party. If not, make plans for a different day.
    • FORGET THE PARTY! Your going on a date with the guy of your dreams!
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    New Years Eve! You lean in for your kiss! The kiss lasts…

    • A few seconds… maybe like 5
    • An hour… or so… can it be more than a kiss?
    • A minute or so! What? It is a New Years Kiss!
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    You think that he might be cheating on you. What do you do?

    • Don’t let him talk to any girls. If you see him talking to a girl, start making out with him. What? He’s a bad boy! He likes that stuff!
    • Politely ask him if he is seeing or dating anyone else that you don’t know about/ Don’t bother, but ask him if you see him doing anything suspicious.
    • He’s not. I’m a genius. I know.
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    Perfect first kiss:

    • You are at a nightclub. A super hot guy walks over. He tells you that you are super hot. After dancing for a while, he leans in, and you start making out.
    • We are at his mansion in the backyard. He looks you in the eyes and says, ‘You are so beautiful, smart, and talented. I love that about you.’ He then leans in and kisses you.
    • Sunset. You are sitting in the beach. He tells you a funny joke. You both start laughing so hard that you fall over. Then, he tells you that he loves you, and you two kiss.
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    Be honest… how attractive does the man of your dreams have to be?

    • He only has to be smart… so he can get into a good college… get a good job… we can be rich!
    • On a scale of 1-10? 12.
    • The outside isn’t as important as the inside.:-)

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