What TYPE of blue are you?


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  • Question of

    Dang it, I just forgot the first question.

    • You must be very forgetful to do such a thing. (Me: Yeah, I’m actually complained about by other people often because of such things)
    • That’s funny!
    • That’s okay; you’ve like over 15 questions to ask after, nonetheless.
    • You sure did.
    • Hey, I have forgetfulness issues too…
  • Question of

    (ah, HERE we go now!) What sort of people annoy you the most?

    • Those people who go “(insert stupid threat here) or else..”
    • Overly-orderly or/and narrow-minded or/and way too intolerant people; jeez, they just need to take it easy for once!
    • Those who’ve no sense of right-mindedness; WAY too down-to-earth and not-abstract.
    • Blabbermouths, cocky people, dummies… *maybe* hyper-actives…
    • People who’re so BORING!
  • Question of

    Are you into the mainstream stuff? (music, movies, styles, gadgets, etc)

    • Haven’t really thought about it.
    • I’ve found way more cooler things than the mainstream stuff, so pretty much no.
    • You know, I don’t really care if it’s cool or otherwise… Ice cream sundae….
    • If it’s interesting, sure…
    • Sure, sure! xD
  • Question of

    When it comes/came to school…

    • I guess it’s fine…
    • I’ve considered some things a bit more important.
    • I rule at the academics area, but would rather stay at home and paint or draw or something.
    • Only thing that appeals is being 100% gregarious! (look up the word)
    • I’m a creativity freak!
  • Question of

    You absolutely SUCK at which?

    • Looking before leaping.
    • Seeing the negative side of things.
    • Letting things go. You have an issue of finishing almost EVERY SINGLE THING THAT YOU START DOING. You also might have denial issues.
    • Standing up for yourself.
    • Being realistic.
  • Question of

    Your friend keeps on embarrassing you in front of your crush (pretend that you have one if you don’t). You…

    • Have a BLAST talking (flirting?) with him/her. (plus talking off the embarrassment)
    • Think. Is this a good opportunity to TRY to impress your crush?
    • Turn scarlet red all over, frozen in place.
    • Make your friend shut up for good and make an excuse to get away.
    • Have a very easy time relaxing and not looking dumb; you have a talent for not being stressed as easily.
  • Question of

    Pick! Quick!

    • *glass shatters*
    • *river ripples*
    • *surf wave*
    • *no sound at all!*
    • *whoosh*
  • Question of

    Is blue cool?

    • Why. The. Hell. Would. There. Be. Any. Other. Reason. Why. I. Took. This. Quiz?
    • Hey! ALL colours are cool! SILVER POLKA DOTS!
    • Doesn’t blue MEAN cool? (no, not like popular cool)
    • I sincerely don’t know if it’s the only one that is… I’m currently analyzing them all…
    • Sure…
  • Question of

    Which would go best with the element of water?

    • Fire! Opposites attracting…! Right…?
    • Earth and water; BEST unison.
    • Ice! (air/water)
    • Does tsunami count? (again, you can look it up)
    • Maybe electricity… It sounds interesting…
  • Question of

    This may be the most stupid question you’ve ever been asked, but I couldn’t come up with anything else!: how do you usually say “no”?

    • “Nooooo!” That count?
    • “No.” DUH.
    • To be practical AND technical, this IS in fact pretty dumb, no offense.
    • I do various pitches with it so.. “No!/No?/No…”
    • I’m not one to deny or argue much, so I say “yes” a lot instead.
  • Question of

    Pick again! Quick again!

    • Fluffy…?
    • Wet!
    • Furry!
    • Why?
    • Smooth!
  • Question of

    Are you shy?

    • Yes, along with the fact that not many people talk to me, either.
    • I’m in the middle, like usual…
    • I think it’s kind of the reverse; THEY are shy of ME.
    • Nay, what’s wrong with talking to the new person in the corner?
    • Oh hell yes! But people yap to/at me daily.
  • Question of

    Which phrase is the one you’d agree with most?

    • You’re only living once.
    • First cut is always the deepest, so better to not do anything wrong in the first place.
    • Don’t judge a book by its cover.
    • No pain, no gain.
    • Things are hard because you make it hard.
  • Question of

    Oops. Instead of giving your best friend the one sacred gift you SWORE to give him/her, you accidentally give him/her the groceries your mom bought yesterday.

    • Not good not good not good not good….!
    • I don’t know all the terms in the world that mean “dead meat”, but I AM so…
    • I would never forget my dear friend’s presents! Or just laugh it off if I did…
    • Hey! Why am I called the forgetful guy now?
    • I wince. I hope they’re okay with that, and that I’ll help make an edible gift out of it.
  • Question of

    Are you more street-smart or book-smart?

    • Both, really…
    • I’m most likely way more book-smart. (or ‘creative-smart’ if that counts)
    • Leaning towards book-smart.
    • I’m most likely way more street-smart.
    • Leaning towards street-smart.
  • Question of

    That car’s going awfully fast…

    • It’s likely to slow down.
    • Indeed…
    • Yeah, then it hits a dog.
    • What car?
    • Why can’t I see it?
  • Question of

    Which of the following is closest to your greatest desire?

    • I’m okay; what comes around goes around.
    • A not-cruel world… Even though too many cruel things are happening right now…
    • I don’t know out to these two: world stops turning, or just dream for the rest of my life…
    • To know; we know so little about ourselves… And to understand…
  • Question of

    You’d apply yourself to which?

    • Too creepy and strange for nearly the liking of everyone. (occasionally nosy, too)
    • SUPER outspoken to nearly everyone, yet are not a fair-weather friend.
    • VERY sensitive; the person in the corner.
    • Born without any trace of a temper.
    • A philosophical, smart, quiet person.
  • Question of

    One fact about your friends is that…

    • They’re all fun-loving and kind; plus there’s practically an ARMY of us!
    • Most loyal people around. Can’t seem to explain in any other way.
    • There might not be a lot of us, but we’re too tight-knit to split.
    • They know how to ‘see’ more than others; why else would have they accepted me?
    • They know how to treat everyone right; we’ve a quiet group, but at least no one is left out.
  • Question of

    Hey! That car hit a dog!

    • Now the driver’s the forgetful guy?
    • Oh, THAT car…
    • Didn’t I just say that?
    • O_O! Poor thing!
    • I thought it’d slow down!

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