What type of Boy do you attract?

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    Which of these words describe you best?

    • Popular
    • Self conscious
    • Sporty
    • Music
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    What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

    • Care for people
    • Listen to music up in my room
    • Play a team game
    • Go shopping and flirt with some boys
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    What category are you classed in at school?

    • Sport nerd
    • Loner – (me: I love you!)
    • Shy Girl
    • Popular Chick
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    How many friends do you have?

    • Good close friends who understand me
    • Not many like 2
    • Quite a lot
    • Like 1,000! I’ve lost count!
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    How do you see yourself?

    • Unattractive girl who no one is going to ever like
    • As a shame
    • Best runner in town
    • Amazing human better than everyone else!
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    How do you dress?

    • Playsuits or cute top with skinny jeans and leggings and Jellies or slip ons
    • Football shirt with jeans and converse or trainers
    • Short skirts, Low cut tops, high heels
    • Band tees with black hoodies and black boots/shoes
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    • Hide under my hoodie wishing it was home time
    • Walk over and flirt of course!
    • Just act normal and smile whilst jogging to the can’teen
    • Carry on walking hiding my ugly face
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    Another scenario:

    • Slap them and then saunter home
    • I’d say no problem, I was joking too
    • That would never happen to me, I’m too pretty
    • Run home crying, thinking how much of a failure I am
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    Have you ever had any boyfriends before?

    • No one would have me:-( or 1-2
    • Not many more friends with the team
    • They all think I’m weird
    • 100-200 lol
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    Sorry about the stereotyping! You are all beautiful and worth a lot more than you think!

    • Okay…:-(
    • I’m worth loads!
    • Thanks:-) got to run
    • Thank you:-( but I’m still ugly in my eyes

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